Sunday, August 27, 2006

Boring Sunday

I'm here writing this post in a cybercafe somewhere in Puchong while waiting for my car wash after finished my futsal game this morning. I went to Sunway Extreme Park where Mr.West usually drive his go cart but unfortunately I didnt take any photo.

Everyone is not at home. Last night only left myself, Mr. Ham and Baikoon at home. I wonder where is Lualua? Did u change ur car's plate number to WH4 last night ?

This cafe got webcam one...dun play play

Friday, August 25, 2006

How un-Malaysian Are You?

Merdeka coming soon, are you a patriotic Malaysian? Click the link below and test urself. I am 30% un-Malaysian. hehehe

Congratulations TING SING NGIBK, you are 30% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gay Talk With Palia English

Rubbish Kong send me an email yesteraday regarding his conversation with Mr. Ham through MSN. He said he was pissed by Mr.Ham english...I have been receiving lots of complaint about Mr. Ham's english from the day I started this blog...

我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好 = Mr.Ham
李好handsome = Rubbish Kong

我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 said:
ni hao
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 said:
zai kan mah
李好handsome said:
kan me chi?
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 said:

我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
i miss u so much
李好handsome says:
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
it oledy morethan 12 hour i didnt talk with u
李好handsome says:
after my deep consideration.........
李好handsome says:
i suggest that we should stop our relationship......
李好handsome says:
u r just not my cup of tea......
李好handsome says:
i know is hurt............but.........
李好handsome says:
short pain rather than long pain......
李好handsome says:
i hope that we can 'bye bye but still friend'.....

You have just sent a Nudge!

我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
u kw, i always thinking of what happend to our relationship
李好handsome says:
李好handsome says:
i dunwan to think anymore.....
李好handsome says:
be frankly, ah miao and i..............we oledi......'walk together'.....
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
why u always 'chee' me. that way i decided to come to work my own
李好handsome says:
he is more suit to me......
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
it my mistake to give u chance with u
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
李好handsome says:
i would like to tell u long time ago.....
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
but ah meaw yesterday also say the samething with me
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
what happend
李好handsome says:
but i just didn't brave enough....
李好handsome says:
i told ah miao to test u.....
李好handsome says:
both of us just afraid to hurt ur glass heart.....
李好handsome says:
dun be fool............we r finished
李好handsome says:
u better to continue ur 'prince' status with the 'princess'
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
peu better ask ah meaw carefullyhe tell me last nite at 2 am while i m sleeping with him, he said u r like shot when" emm emm"he like my style so much
李好handsome says:
i'm very sorry............u c.......this is the problem.....'I TOTALLY DUNNO WHAT U WANNA TELL ME BY UR TYPING...........UR ENG IS TOO BAD'
李好handsome says:
he said u r like shot when" emm emm"
李好handsome says:
what is that above???????/
李好handsome says:
i hope that after i left u, u can improve urself
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
aii kw it will heard u, i a,aosl dont want to do this, but true gold do t affirad fire, u better accept it
李好handsome says:
u HEARD me what?
李好handsome says:
i a, aos!........this is mat 7?
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
李好handsome says:
i really can't imagine what is the relationship of those words with 'SHIT'.......
李好handsome says:
i a, aos = shit ????????????????/
李好handsome says:
that means 2+5 = 19876
李好handsome says:
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
u r like shit when emm emm
李好handsome says:
can u tell me what is emm emm?
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
i kw it will ' 伤“u, but this is the true
我与你同在一起。。。我的未来不是梦。。。明天会更好。。。 says:
emm emm = shuang shuang

Greg Lee

p/s: I will be away to north this afternoon and will be back on Thursday. Rubbish Kong also heading to Penang this evening but only be back on Sunday. Ah Meow also outstation today..Lualua when u outstation again? Seems like lots of ppl going outstation this safely everyone...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Muscle or Fat?

This is SengSengSeng. He is 26 of age, weight 94kg. What do you think of it when you saw this pic? Fat or muscle?

But he told everyone that he have lots of muscle on his huge body. He strictly denied that is fat. That day I argued with him regarding wheather he is "Muscular Seng" or "Fatty Seng".

I am confused so I created this poll to ask for you guy's opinion. The answer will review one week from now. Thanks for voting.

Create polls and vote for free.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

TiTan Adjustable Suspension

MPd Auto Centre Sdn. Bhd a.k.a TiTan is a suspension specialist who custom built performance shock absorber to trucks, off-roads 4x4, large vans, motor-cycles and more.

I knew the place from my manager because he himself already installed it in his Nissan Cefiro last year. He told me to ask the boss to bring me for a ride to test their custom made absorber.
I actually went there and met the boss's son and he brought me for a ride with his old Honda Civic. Although the car was old but it was damn powerful somemore with Titan Adjustable Suspension that totally stabilise the car when he took tight corner.

Frankly speaking, it was an owesome experience. I must said it was the best absorber that i had ever try because normally where got ppl let you test their absorber one? btw, for those who is interested you can go there and ask them for a ride.

The whole set of Titan Adjustable Absorber cost RM2800. It comes with 2 years warranty which means within this 2 years if you have any problem or dissastifaction with the absorber, you can always go back to their workshop for service or tuning for free.

Anyway, I can't afford it....maybe in future...

p/s: Wingz..The TiTan location map

Friday, August 11, 2006

Beware of this Conman Called Ah Keong

I came from work this evening. As usual, I parked my car in front of my house's gate and as u all know my gate always messy with Money's hair flying around, leaflet ranging from Ah long's name card, hypermarket leaflet and also rubbish. But today was a bit different because I saw my neighbours also full with those small white leaflet. Then I simply picked one and I saw this...
Someone (see above pic) was said to be a conman by the person who printed this leaflet. By look at the pic, I think he also not a good guy lar...probably paikia I think...

But the most interesting part is this guy's address is close to my house. Ma cibai...I think either he is a conman or he borrowed money from those ah longs and never pay back so when the ah long cannot get him, they printed this small leaflets and spread it out to his neigbours...

Anyway, I just simply guess nia...anyone dare to call the number and ask for me?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Baikoon~!

Yesterday was Baikoon's Brirthday. I wish his business will grow like pig cage water come.
I dun understand y he cut the cake lidat. Btw, he doesn't read my blog. Happy Birthday Baikoon~!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hot Topic1: Career Come First, Love Put Aside

The story is like this...

Mr. Lorento came from a small kampung in Ipoh. After he graduated from uni he went back to his kampung and working in a packaging company for 3 years already. He is young and self-motivated. He often came to kl to meet his customers and also found the "love" of his life called Ms.R. Because Ms.R is in kl and Mr.Lorento is in Ipoh.
Mr. Lorento have to come to kl more often so that they can see each other.

When Mr. Lorento came to kl he will stay in "Tmn U Motel" and because of "Tmn U Motel" he met a lot of other salesmans from other industries and he often share his suscess stories with them espiacially early in the morning.

Mr. Lorento have a dream. He wanted to grow his own career. He dun want to stay in the kampung and become a typical salesman for the rest of his life. He felt that he has learned all the things from his current company. He wanted a new challenge. Then, his friend "Billy" told him that there was a new established packaging company in Klang that wanted to hire 2 salesmans.

So he went for the interview... (to be Contineu)

If Mr.Lorento got the job offer. Then he will face a few problem:
1. He dunno wheather his family will allow him to work in kl or not.
2. He dunno wheather he want to stay in "tmn U motel" or not.

But on the good side...
1. He can grow in his career.
2. He will have more intimate time with his loved one.

Now seems like he have to think seriously about his career, family, love and friends

Hey dude, give some advise then...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

KFC's Cheesy BBQ Meltz

I went to try KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz again. Cheesy BBQ Meltz is toasted tortilla bread filled with melted Mozzarella cheese, crushed BBQ nacho chips, tomatoes and mayonnaise. For me, i think it's just another version of the Bandito Pockett which was introduced a few years back. Except that the chicken was diced.
It reminded me of roti canai. Maybe we can called roti canai cheese.It is quite messy when you eat it because the tomatoes and nacho chips kept falling out.
I heard promotional period is for 2 months only - ending around early September. So go and try. It's RM 5.50 on its own but i think the Zinger burger is more worth it.