Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sleeping Buddha

The reclining Buddhan (Sleeping Buddha) si located at Lorong Burma (Georgetown.) It is a Thai temple built in 1845 by a Buddhist monk, who came from Thailand. You can find this temple in Lorong Burmah, Pulau Tikus. The opening hours are from 6.00am till 5.30pm. The entrance is free. The Buddha is 33-metre gold-plated statue. When you walk behind the Buddha you will find a lot of glass cases inserted into the wall. These are the ashes of some of the devotees. Anyway, this is not a travel post.
This pic make me think of sleeping buddha when i saw it. The pics was taken by Rubbish Kong few days ago when SengSengSeng was sleeping.
I think only SengSengSeng can sleep with this position.
What a big head ghost...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Last week, my back was damn pain and it hurt me like hell. I have to sit very straight to help me reduce the pain and sometime can’t sit for too long. That’s why I didn’t play basketball for the last whole week.

I told my gf and she curi curi bring me the OSIM uZap that belong to her mother to help me massage my back. Surprisingly, it cures my back.Of cause, for such a nice stuff, normally I will share with friends and let them try out the OSIM uZap. Another reason also because of our unhealthy working life that make our tummy growing bigger and bigger lately. That’s why we start to play some games after work like badminton and basketball.
I saw Mr. Ham was sitting on the sofa so I let him try out the OSIM uZap 1st. He seems like quite enjoying lying on the sofa and let the OSIM uZap massage his stomach.
After that, I saw Rubbish Kong came out from bath room with his towel hanging around his tummy. I quickly introduced to him the OSIM uZap and let him try out.
SengSengSeng also try out at last but I think it won’t help him much as he got the thickest skin.
Although OSIM uZap help me to cure my back ache that day but 2 days later my left shoulder started to pain again even when I’m writing this post.

Video clip of Rubbish Kong using Osim uZap

Friday, July 21, 2006

McDonald: Spicy Beef Foldover

I know I was away from blogging for quite some time already. Now this blog seems like half dead shows that my blog only got 10 pageview per day. Frankly, when I saw the statistic i really got no mood to blog but the main reason is still because of the stupid blogspot that suddenly gone crazy and i can't upload my pics for weeks......
Anyway, now I'M BACK DUDE~!!!! after so many weeks and put my butt in front of my laptop to blog...1st of deepest gratitude to Mr. Ham, West, Usiong, Lualua, Lorento Chan, West, Sengsengseng and Rubbish Kong for lingering on my blog when i was not blogging. Dude~! if not because of you guys i think i already give up this blog. And because of you guys who gave me the inspiration to blog. Once again, thanks for the support dude.
Back to blogging...
I went to McDonald last week to try out the new Spicy Beef Flodover and it taste like shit~!!! I was eating while reading the new leaflet that they normally put on the tray and the more i read the more i get angry because it doesn't match as described on the paper...
The paper wrote:
McDonald's™ Foldovers™Completely satisfying mealsMcDonald's™ brings you the new Spicy Beef Foldover™, the perfect complement to the Grilled Chicken Foldover™. They're all you need for completely satisfying meals. Big on taste and size, they're packed with premium quality ingredients for balanced meals.

Treat yourself to the new Spicy Beef Foldover™, with marinated beef strips, crisp lettuce, onions, carrots, red and white cabbage, tomatoes and cheese. All topped off with zesty and spicy Mexican sauce, tucked in a warm toasted flatbread. Or delight in the Grilled Chicken Foldover™, now with a new recipe - mayonnaise with enhanced garlic flavor and added veggies like carrots, red and white cabbage. Enjoy two lightly-grilled chicken patties, fresh veggies and tomatoes in a toasted flatbread.

Take one bite and you'll see why everyone agrees the Foldovers™ are so completely satisfying.

I dun felt satisfying after i ate it. I dun even finished the damn thing.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pizza Hut Bill

Someone forwarded this email to me. The above pic is just a normal order form that you'll get once you ordered your pizza. Normally, you won't give a fuck about what they wrote on the paper but coincidently the person who wrote this email notice something.According to the email, his friend went to Pizza Hut and found out there is a columm called "Race". If you are Chinese, the waiter will marked the columm as "C". If you are "Malay" the columm will be marked as "O". The diffrence is if you were marked as "O" you won't have service charge and tax charges but if you were marked as "C" then you got to pay the 15% service & tax charges.
Personally I dunno wheather this is true or not coz didn't eat pizza for long time already. So, is there any pizza lovers who can find out the truth for me?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lately, YouTube was so famous on the net. You can easily found lots of weird and funny video clips. The below video clip was one of the famous one. About a bus driver scolding a young man in Hong Kong. I heard he lost his job after the video clip was upload to


Click this link if above video clip cannot play....

This is another video clip from Japan extreme candid camera. Innocent ppl were using the modified toilets!

Japan Toilet Prank

Click this link if above video clip cannot play....

Hope you guys enjoy the video ya~!