Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bitch Gang

This the Bitch Gang in Taman Uni near my house. A real life example of a bitch who was gang banged by "money" ex boy friends.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Subaru WRX STi

I saw this rally car while in Genting this afternoon. Damn cool~! I wish i can have one also. What's ur dream car dude?


Does this pic reminds u of Tony Leong in Wong Kar Wai's movie ??? I'm sure Ah Kong like abstract...Thanks to Siew Foong for the pic...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Money" continue...

I finished work a bit earlier today due to year end closing. I'll be taking leave starting tomorrow till next year. It's raining this evening, as usual "money" was barking loudly outside to let her come into my house. She quite behave and careful when she came into the house coz she know we would scold her and won't let her in anymore if she damaged something while in the house(I just bath her 2 days ago so i dare to let her in). She start sleeping at 7pm till now she still lying underneath me like a "Dead Bitch".
Sleeping underneath my laptop

Sleep until her saliva dripping out from her mouth

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas @ Mid Valley

This is the White X'mas deco located at Centre Court, Mid Valley. Mid Valley packed with ppl. Damn Pretty~!
Santa Claus

Christmas Dinner @ Highway Cafe

Due to my Plan A (bbq)cancelled for Christmas Eve, I have to come out with the Plan B to accompany my gf. So my gf and I decided to go to Highway Cafe for our Christmas Dinner. We've been here several times since the food and the prices are reasonable. As usual, the place was packed due to christmas eve. My gf and I was quite disappointed with their service because we've been seated at the smoking area but the food was good. We had Grilled Lamb Chop, Nasi lemak, Mixed Green Salad and Longan Sundae but I only managed to take the pic of the Grilled Lamb Chop and Nasi lemak (Too hungry until forgot to take the 1st two pic). After the dinner, I ordered another Ramli burger and teh ais on my way back home. Merry Christmas D@~!

Nasi Lemak

Grilled Lamb Chop

Christmas BBQ Cancelled

I was a bit fucked up this morning when i called up my dudes to confirm the number of ppl who's coming for the bbq tonight but Lualua's friends all went to Holland to celebrate their Christmas so bbq was cancelled due to insufficient ppl. Another reason is also because Mr. Ham went back to hometown with his princess for this weekend and Ah Kong also claimed that he went back to "hometown".

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas~!

hey dudes....i'm planning to do Christmas bbq on christmas eve tomorrow night at my see you guys there...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Race Car Yeah Yeah~!

This is the pic that taken just now...this pic looks clearer than the previous one

This is the pic of my dude's car.It is 1.3 Proton Iswara. It has been tuned by Apexi lately. Unfortunately, i can't show u the engine yet but when u look at the exterior of the car, it is definitely a high performance car. Untill now, i still haven't find out which lubricant he's using because he only change his engine oil once a year. Normally, he only refill but not changing his engine oil. After the tuning was done, we decided to put on some sponsor's sticker on it. So, we have this GC's sticker, Option's sticker and Hypertune's on it. It actually looks cool. Due to the modification that has been made, this car only can be driven by train professional. So we put on the warning sticker as well.

Our final dream for this car is to put my dude's car on the cover page in the next issue complete with all the fact such as bodykit and dyno test or maybe we can suggest them to use my dude's car as a project car in near future. One of our crew (Franksis, Guy from West) even went down to singapore last weekend to look for other sponsors for car modification. We strongly believe that those sponsors who wish to invest for this project are definitely increase their sales for their products once the car come out from the magazine since proton's car own the biggest market share in the country.

But in all honesty, we do have to pay our tribute to the partners and sponsors that have made this minor project a success that it is, With their guidance and know-how, the project went on without any major hitches during the length of the mission with ran for more than 6 months.

Before i forget, the car also feature with the racing calendar on the side window. Sorry about the pic. It was taken by nokia phone using night mode so it was not clear. So guys, next time if u saw this car on the road, u better watch out!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Adult Only

I took this pic this afternoon while Mr. Ham is still sleeping....At 1st i didnt know exactly what happened until Ah Kong asked me to take the camera and go upstairs....The 1st thing i saw is Ah Kong lying beside Mr. Ham with his right hand holding with Mr. Ham left hand meanwhile Ah Kong's left hand is rubbing Mr. Ham's penis. He quickly asked me to take the photo. i took 2 shots, and suprisingly the 2nd pic actually can see Ah Kong took off Mr.Ham's short and saw his erected bending penis and the balls......

Monday, December 12, 2005

2 Drunk Man

This is the pic of my housemates who got drunk after attending their friend's wedding

My Bathroom

Bathing and shitting

Shitting while smoking

This is my bathroom. It is only 5ft x 4ft, very small but fully equipped. It's actually a combination of toilet and shower. So, here is the pic of how u can shit and bath at the same time.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


this is my dog ....we called her "money" but she never give us money..we never get rich by calling that name.....she been with us almost 4 years....she's no longer virgin. she used to have lots of boyfriends waiting outside my house every night but now this thing wont happend anymore. we bought her for surgery, her entire uterus has been removed. but after the surgery she become damn fat..

DUDE ~!!!

i met this terrible guy in aq saloon on sunday morning. he is so terrible because he was smoking while washing his hair...i never see a guy like that before...looks like he just release from the jail.

70's Loving Couple


This is the most handsome guy in my house..Look at his hand....What can u do if he sleep in ur house? Anyone interested?

WANTED ~!!!!

The red cute shoe that u see below is belong to one of my dude that had gone missing together with the dude that i posted the other day....


hi...this is my dude...his name is Mr. Ham Kachen.i didnt see him for long time already....he gone missing....rumour said he own ppl alot money.....if anyone see him pls reply me....he lost his front teeth...very easy to recognize...dude...good luck~!