Friday, September 29, 2006

Mr. Ham is SICK~!

Mr. Ham is very sick. He got fever. He has been like this for the past 2 days. He claimed that he absorbed too much negative energy from Rubbish Kong because Rubbish Kong also not in a good mood recently.
Picture of Mr. Ham showing his sickness syndrome to Baikoon. He went to clinic this afternoon and doctor suspect that he might got "denggi".

Just now LuaLuaLua came to visit him and cook him a plain porridge.

Because the porridge was too plain, then LuaLuaLua open a lettuce pickled can food that found in the kitchen cabinet for him. If I'm not mistaken, that can food actually bought by Baikoon about a year ago when he was having chickenpot.

I hope u get well soon dude~!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ahwa Hokkien Mee

Seriously I'm not a hokkien mee lover but this is the best hokkien mee that I had ever tried in Klang Valley. The place called Ahwa Hokkien Mee was located in Jalan Templer, PJ.

This is the portion for 2 persons and it cost RM 10. I think SengSengSeng alone can finished it.

Must try the fantastic accompanying chilli/sambal with the hokkien mee.

Guys~! When we want to go?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fucking Painful

There was a tiny piece of wood stuck into my finger this evening during work. Ma Cibai~!It hurts me and it was fucking irritating.

At 1st I tried to use the knife to cut a little bit of the skin but the knife just not sharp enough. I dun dare to press to hard coz i dun want to lose my finger because of the damn fucking piece of wood.

Then I found a needle and managed to dig a small hole. I can almost see it but I just can't find a way to get it out. It was deep inside my skin. I press the surrounding area hoping it will come out but the blood come out. Diu nei lou mou ge chau hai~!

Anyone can help me ar?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rubbish Kong's Skype

This is my convesation with Rubbish Kong's gf thru Skype the other day when Rubbish Kong was away for a while.

Initially Rubbish Kong was chatting with Joey.

[12/09/2006 23:55:44] Greg Lee says: soli....maybe the line not so good....
[12/09/2006 23:55:51] Greg Lee says: that's y got cit cit sound
[12/09/2006 23:57:33] Joey says: oic.....
[12/09/2006 23:57:47] Joey says: apply ur own Streamyx la...
[12/09/2006 23:57:54] Joey says: your house so many person
[12/09/2006 23:58:20] Joey says: after divide, just a minor ammount to pay

Then he left for a while and i help him to contineu the coversation.

[00:41:10] Greg Lee says: with that money i can belanja u makan oledi
[00:41:23] Greg Lee says: u like makan seafood??
[00:41:56] Joey says: WHO ARE U?
[00:42:10] Greg Lee says: when i go 2 penang next time i belanja u makan seafood ok??
[00:42:24] Greg Lee says: i am ur honey mar...
[00:43:02] Joey says: i dun have HONEY wor
[00:43:02] Joey says: i dun have HONEY wor
[00:43:21] Joey says: i wana eat LOBSTER in CHEESE
[00:43:28] Greg Lee says: sorry..u r my yeee yee eeh eeh mar..

After that I think she found out that she was talking to the other person and she disconnect the conversation. So Rubbish Kong, Joey said she want to et lobster in cheese when u go to Penang next time. Hahaha...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Handsome King a.k.a Sohai Hua In Da House

The day that I was drunk, I was awake by some noisy sound from downstair. I look at the my phone and it was 6am already. I went downstair and I saw Rubbish Kong, Mr. ham and Handsome King a.k.a Sohai Hua was playing mahjong together...

Handsome King was in da house man~! I didn't even know he came to kl.

For those who dunno him, he is not malay. He's from Sabah actually but we suspect that he was origin from Philipine. He used to be our unimate but he didn't finish his studie due to unknown reason.

He came to Tmn Uni in Febuary, that time he told me that he was working with British American Tobacco but this time he told me he already resigned and now looking for job in Singapore. He said he want to be securiy guard in Singapore. Ma chou hai~!

He's been here for 3 days already. He still like to play mirc. Chatting with those under age gals in the chatroom and told everyone that he is the most handsome guy in the world.

Our house is quite pack these few days because csf also came down to kl this weekend. So our poor handsomeking have to sleep on the sofa.

He is leaving on Monday morning to Singapore to look for his job. I wish he get a good job or become the most handsome security guard in Singapore. All the best dude~!

Video of Ah Meow, LuaLuaLua, Rubbish Kong, Baikoon and Handsome King in the cable car towards Genting Highland this evening. They won RM 750 within 5 minutes. I missed it because I was with my mother...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Busy Weekend

Last night, I attended the Giant Supplier's Night at Desa Water Park. Estimated about 1000++ people attended the function. It was a great night. I get the chance to meet lots of people in the industry.

As usual, lots of liquor and beer was served by the pretty and hot waitress. I was drunk but luckily still can find the way back home.

My mother arrived in kl on Thursday night. She's here to attend my 2nd sister's convocation in UPM on Monday. My 3rd sister also join us from Penang. Got to bring them out to have some fun this few days. It's going to be a busy weekend for me...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Welcome to the world of wireless

As you all know that Tmn Uni Just Got Streamyx Connection recently. We wanna to maximize the usage of the internet. Currently, we have 3 laptops in the house, Rubbish Kong, Ah Meow and Myself.

This is not included Usiong, SengSengSeng and LuaLuaLua's laptop. If they all came to Tmn Uni then we will have 6 laptops online thru the same wireless router at the same time. Somemore got iPod, PSP, handphones. Then, I afraid we might have insufficient extension and the neighbour also might suspect that we are running the bookie actitivities.

This is HP iPAQ hx2100 Series pocket pc. LuaLuaLua just got it few days ago. Since my house got wireless, LuaLuaLua also bought a WLAN-11b/g SDIO WLAN Card to connect his pocket pc to internet.

Seriously, I think we need more extension and table to accomodate the laptops and hot coffee as well.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleeping with Ghost Movie

Last night, Rubbish Kong was very boring. He decided to watch "Da Vinci Code" that he downloaded from the internet few days ago but after 15 min, he already fall asleep on the sofa. The movie was still on and it was damn motherfucking noisy at 1am in the midnight. So, Ah Meow came out with an idea! He told me that he wanted to change the movie to ghost movie and scare him until he pee in his pant.

So, Ah Meow went to Rubbish Kong's room and took out the "AmityVille Horror". The true story about the haunted house that killed Ronald De Feo's family on November 13, 1974.

Then, I curi-curi put in the dvd into his laptop.

When the movie is "on", I set the maximun volume hoping that he will get frighten and pee when he is awake later.

We locked the door and switch off the light and let him sleep alone in the living room with the ghost movie that going to repeat non stop until he wake up in the next morning.

We really laugh like hell, even until I go to bed. This morning when I woke up, I straight away go to downstair and asked him how's the movie? He told me the "Da Vinci Code" was running non stop for the whole night and he said the movie was pretty good. Mahai~! He dun even know abt which movie he watch last night and of coz he didn't pee as well...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fu Rong Siew Pow

Last weekend i went to Seremban for work and drop by this bakery shop (forgot the shop's name already) to buy the most famous "Fu Rong Siew Pow".

Nice right? But i found that the siew pow actually shrinked compare to last time.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Hypertune Vol. 59

I went to Titan this early morning (dun ask me why i go there) and saw this Toyota Celica parking in front of the Titan. Then Wai Loong (the boss's son) told me that car was belong to one of the Hypertune crew and he went out yam cha with his father.

After 15 min later, both of them came back and I met this fella called Kumeran, the marketing manager for Hypertune. I approach him and asked:

I said:"Hey dude~! Are you from the Hypertune?"
Hypertune said:"Yeah~! Wat's up?"
I said:"Are you the editor?"
Hypertune saide:"No lar..I'm doing marketing"
I said:"I'm ur reader dude~!"
Hypertune:"Really? Wait..." (then he quickly walk toward his car and take out the latest Hypertune mag)
Hypertune:"Nah..Dude..this month u dun have to buy..."(hand over his mag to me)
I said:"Hahaha...thanks dude!"

So this is my 1st free Hypertune mag. Normal selling price RM 9.90

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rat Killing

I was sitting on my crouch watching Astro just now and suddenly Baikoon shouting:” Ma Cibai~! There’s a RAT~!

I quickly wake up and saw this 4 inches long rat hiding at the corner of my living room. I asked him to close all the doors in the living room and meanwhile I go to find "something" to kill him. I need something hard and heavy enuff to kill the rat.

So I got myself a 2.5kg ring that I took out from Ah Meow's dumbell and ready to strike...

The rat was hiding under the crouch. I asked Baikoon to chase him out to the corner so that I can throw my ring and kill it.

But my 1st attempt was really sucks~! I missed it because the rat run away and the ring hit the floor and the mable cracked abit.

I tried my 2nd attempt but damm I still missed it. The rat still managed to run away.

I picked it up and hit it on the 3rd attempt. His back left leg was badly injured, probably broke his stomach because I saw there was something like "shit" leaking out from his body. The tail also broken already.

The worst thing was he's not death yet. He still managed to struggle with the other 3 legs. As he struggle to run away, the blood and shit was dripping out everywhere on the floor. It was damn smelly...

I took it out and it still not death. Finally, I decided to burn it to hell...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Louis Vuitton KL Coming Soon...

This is the latest Louis Vuitton Store in KL. Located beside the Starhill, KL. I think it is going to open this weekend. Ladies...Let's go shopping~!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

High tech stuff from usiong

Last weekend when usiong came to kl, he brought me a souvenir. Normally, he will bring gifts like pen, mug, notepad that he taken from his company but this time, this one was really weird.

He refused to tell wat it is and want me and lualua to guess wat the hell it is...he say it is a very high tech stuff as u all know usiong only use high tech stuff like i pod, psp, palm phone, high tech speaker and this unknown high tech stuff.

i open it out and it looks like a filter. It was thick and hard.

Then usiong ask me to put it in the water and the answer will reveal by itself.

I threw it into the water and immediately i saw there was some changes of the size.

After 20 sec, I took it out and it actually become longer and it looks like a water filter that we normally use in our kitchen...i decided to put it back into the water and wait...

Diu~!It just a white towel. But then it still impressed me. I think they must have use some latest Nano techonology from NASA to make it so small so that it is easier for people to bring when u traveling.

Actually, usiong didn't give me his high tech towel as a souvenir. That night he only want to show it to me and lualua only but i thought he wanna give me. Then just now during the teleconversation through Skype he said that high tech towel is a limited stuff and he want his high tech towel back.

Then i said:" That night i used it to clean my cock already. Do u still want it back?"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Rest in peace "Crocodile Hunter"

I heard the news from radio during my way back from work this evening. Later i saw the news everywhere regarding his tragic. He is a brave man. "He died doing what he loved best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind." said Stainton The Producer of “Ocean’s Deadliest".

To be frank, i'm not the big fan of Steve Irwin. I am bored with his assie accent and the way he fool with the crocodile but he still earn my respect because of his braveness. Rest in peace Dude!

So i think this also better becarefull when haunting for the dealiest snake in the world.

‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin killed by stingray

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tmn Uni Got Streamyx Connection !!!

After 9 hopeless months of waiting, our Tmn Uni finally got the streamyx connection. Not because of the stupid TM Net called us and informed us that they have port available for us but my greatest gratitude to our friendly neighbor, The Tony’s Family who just got the streamyx connection and allowed us to share the streamyx connection with them.

But to do so we need the wireless router to receive the internet connection. So last Friday Rubbish Kong bought the Prolink Wireless Router to link it to our house. Now I dun have to do my post in the office and Rubbish Kong also dun have to go to cybercafé to do online betting.

Before we have streamyx connection from our neighbor, normally we have to depend on our unknown neighbor who doesn't switch on his wireless router all the time. I dunno whether he knew that we were using his connection or not because he never set WPA on his router.

Anyway, the line has been connected for the past 4 hours, no major disconnection yet...Hope the line goes well...More post to come Dude~!!!