Sunday, April 30, 2006

LuaLua Bought New Handphone

After usiong, Ah Meow and I show Lualua about how good is the PTT function. He can't wait to have a handphone that support PTT function so we all decided to go to Mines to look for a hand phone that can support PTT.

We found this damn high tech phone called Nokia N91 that not only can support PTT service but also 3G service and also damn advanced multimedia function such as mp3, window media player and so on...It also come with 3.5mm connector for headsets and 2 megapixel camera with up to 8x zoom, smartphone functionality with Wi-Fi.
Lualua was so interested about the phone and he almost took out his credit card and swipe it but suddenly he hold back his decision coz....

The Nokia N91 cost RM 2800

Finally Lualua decided to take Nokia 6020 which only cost him RM 450 complete with infrared, camera, video recorder and the most inportant one....PTT function.

Maybe it's time for FeiHaiz to change phone again.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I just registered Maxis push2talk service this morning. It is a function that lets you communicate directly with colleagues, family or friends using GPRS to keep you connected and you can talk like walkie-talkie no matter the distance and in the long run, optimise on calls. It's fun dude~!
Unfortunately this service is only available for Nokia Series 40 and Nokia Series 60 but some mobile phone models require a simple software download via SMS to begin. Like mine is using Nokia 6600 which doesn't come with the PTT software. Just go to this link and check ur phone support PTT.
I won't write how to install it coz it is damn long and a bit technical. So if u guys are interested about PTT or having problem while setting please call 123 me or email me also can lar...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rubbish Kong~! You Are All Mighty

Hey dude~! Check out this site~!

Website Courtesy of Lualua

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hey dude~! Today It's My Birthday

Hey dudes~! 23rd of April 2006 It's my birthday~! Actually I didn't planning to celebrate but last night still managed to go out for dinner with my gf...Just a simple celebration...
I never knew that my "Pig Dog Friends" are buying me a birthday cake until just now when my gf was about to leave and then they took out the cake and sang me a birthday song. The birthday song that they sang were as loud as the whole street can hear. It sounds like there are hundred peoples singing for me. If you dun believe it, you can watch the video clip that I'm going to upload tomorrow.
These are my "Pig Dog Friends" and also my gf celebrating my 27th birthday. Thanks dudes~!
My birthday present from my gf, Lacoste perfume. Thanks dear~!

My Birthday Video Clip with my "Ping Dog Friends"
Video: video(017).3gp
by snting

My Lovely Sam Soon

This is the Korean drama called My Lovely Sam Soon aka My Name is Kim Sam-Soon that was showing on tv8 recently.Anyway, I'm not going to do any review about this korean drama. In fact, I dun even know about the story line.
I found out this drama from my colleagues that claimed the person in the drama look like me.
So this is the guy that my colleagues told me. You guys think he look like me or not? Ma Cibai...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

West Ice Cigarette Review

This is my 1st post about cigarettes. I'm sure for those who been to Langkawi or when you passed by duty free shop in the airport or those Mclaren F1 fans are quite familiar with cigarette's brand called West made by Reemtsma, Germany by arrangement with West Park Tobacco Inc . Recently they have came out with the new flavor called West Ice.
Many thanks to Rubbish Kong for buying this cigarettes from Changi Airport this evening so that I can post it and let you guys to have a look at it It cost $19.70 per carton which is still cheap if convert to Ringgit is about RM 44.68.

It has this radiator's pic at the back of the cigarette pack meaning the cigarette provide you with ice cool flavor.
...and each of the West Ice cigarettes has the standard silver font "West Ice" letters scripted on the tip with 2 strikes crossover the West.

So for those who want to try it out. Please send your email to Rubbish Kong for free cigarettes.

Rubbish Kong 's Email:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thomas Cup Qualifying Match (Rubbish Cup)

In conjuction with the Thomas Cup Finals that going to held in Kuching on 28th April-7th May, We also decided to held our Thomas Cup Qualifying Match called Rubbish Cup. Last night we all went to play badminton in a primary school's badminton court (can't remember the name of the school). We reach there about 9pm and book the court for 2 hours to play the Rubbish Cup Match.
This is the 1st double from Taman Uni. Ah Meow and Lualua
And the 2nd double also from Taman Uni. Rubbish Kong and Mr. Ham
End of the match already ....I also dunno who win ...
Our rare guest, Mr Lorento Chan and Rubbish Kong's admirer, Ah Pek. Both of them got the same common bond.
Later.... Ah Pek was brokeback by Rubbish Kong using his sweaty body. Poor Ah Pek...
And finally I uploaded the video clip for you guys~!

If you really want to know who win the game last night. Just watch the video clip below
Video: winning moment.3gp
by snting

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Adam Digital Freak-Out Demo Car

This is actually a pending post that I save in my blogger for few weeks already. At 1st I decided not to post because I have posted too many post regarding cars. Since today I got nothing to do and nothing to post so I decided to post this one and let you guys have a look about this freaking car.
I saw this Nissan Vanette couple of weeks ago when I sent my car to one of car's accesorries shop to change my brake's bulb. This car really freaked me out. Walking past a van with that many speakers and woofers going off at full blast is enough to make a man deaf. The bass went through me, causing every internal organ in body to pulse along with the fast-peaced ah beng style techno music blaring from it.
So this Nissan Vanette pulls up, Adam Digital motifs painted on either side of it and sports allows. This Adam Digital demo car is clearly the most impressive one that I have ever see.
The core of this demo van is a Blaupunkt headunit.
The freaking earth-shaking bass are 12 6 inch Adam Digital AD-6.OM subwoofers and 6 AD-5.iT digital tweeters that provide the higher range of sounds. Not to forget also 10 Adam Digital component speaker that provide mid-range frequencis. There are even spotlight attached to the back of the rear van door to better showcase the the speakers on the inside.
It needs 10 batteries and 6 Adam Digital KTP1500 Monoblock amplifiers to power all these speakers which are placed behind the driver and passenger seats in a little compartment along with the headunit, equalizer and crossover control . There's even an Auto-Gauge voltmeter to keep tabs on the power output of these big noise makers to make the earth-shake.
Btw, Happy Easter Dude~!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Check MyKad Info With Your Astro

I just found this interesting discovery from Astro. You can actually use your Astro decoder to check your MyKad Info. Unfortunately, they didn't advertise it heavily about this function.

This is my dusty Astro decoder. Just press channel 800 then the following page will come out...

After the page is loaded, you need to put in your MyKad in the second slot at ur encoder and choose mykad reader

Your Astro decoder will display the following infomation:

  • Name
  • NRIC No.
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • City
  • State
  • Religion
  • Race
So, now you dun have to waste your to buy this stupid card reader at 7-11. I believe a lot you outside who never check your MyKad Info when you go to collect your MyKad. Faster go and check it out~!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rubbish Kong Recipe: Boiled Egg

Since today is The Prophet's Birthday, our beloved Mr. Rubbish Kong finally willing to reveal his long kept secret recipe: A perfect Boiled Egg. It's my honor to share with all of you one of his favourite food other than See Harm.
1st of all, you must have 2 eggs.
Then, get yourself a nice Thermos instead of boiling it on the gas that will burnt your eggs in case you forgot your eggs.
Put your eggs into the boiler carefully and add in 500ml of water. Press the "Boil" button and wait. Don't worry if you have forgotten your eggs because the thermos will "keep warm" for you after the egg was boiled.
The perfect time to boil your eggs is at nigt time before you go to sleep so that the next morning you still can have your eggs warm. Anyone, wanna try?

P/S:- I remember someone said the thermos can only use to boil RO water. There was one time when Mr Ham used it to boil pipe water and get fucked by someone. I wonder he would use it to cook maggie or mushroom soup in near future. Let's wait and see...
I didnt want to fuck this fella but that night I want to use the boil water to make milo and but then the boil water that came out from the thermos smell like chicken soup. When I opened it I found 2 eggs inside and I dunno how long the eggs has been boiled in the thermos coz ...

He slept already....

P/S:- Rubbish Kong: Please click the video clip below. We got something to say to you...

Video: video(008).3gp
by snting

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Google Earth

I've been surfing the entire earth recently using this coolest software called Google Earth. It is a free product made available by Google that lets you view the entire earth in 3D, but has enough detail that you can zoom in and view your own house! This software was not created by Google in the beginning. The software was created by Keyhole which was bought by Google in 2004 and lauched it using the name called Google Earth. So, if you have broadband you really don't have any excuse not to download this programme
The application stitches together hundreds of satellite photographs to create a seamless globe for you to nose around from a birds-eye view. You can download patches that add markers to your version of Google Earth to help you find anything from world landmarks and the houses of the rich and famous, to rumoured secret military vehicles and meteor craters.
Google Mars was announced earlier this month. It currently just a flat map and not nearly as much fun as this brilliant Mars Add-on which was created by a user, but the all-singing all-dancing official add-on (made in conjunction with NASA) is planned for the near future. Slowly dominating the entire universe, there also Google Moon. It not exactly thrilling, but worth a look if only for the chance to zoom in as close as you can to discover what the moon really made of. Try it dude~!
Below are some places that I found using Google Earth
See the Suria KLCC and Petronas Twin Tower building?
Have you found your house yet? I found mine already (The yellow pin)
The square one is the famous Forbbiden City and the round landmark in the middle of the lake is the resident of The President of the People's Republic of China
There are some weird photo taken by Google Earth. Like this photo (the yellow pin) taken in East Russia, opposite Chukotskiy, Alaska. It used to be a black hole area where no one know why the place was so blur no matter how u zoom it. Even, the Google Earth itself cannot explain it. If you wish to search this area please enter 66 15 N 179 13 E

Don't Steal

I went to Giant Kelana Jaya yesterday to see my customer and I saw this stupid pics on the white board right in front of their management office. Those pics were taken when they caught these fellas for stealing goods in the hypermarket. The management purposely display the pics to warn their own staff.

Retailer like Giant, Carrefour, Tesco and Jusco are very strict when dealing with shrinkage problem. Normally, those theft who was caught will be send to police station immediately and blacklisted them from entering the store again. Some of the retailer like Jusco even distribute the pic to their other stores

I think this is totally stupid and not worth to do so but sometimes human are greedy they thought that they can run away from the security especially during the weekend whereby most of the hypermarket was crowded and when the staff are busy with their work.

So dun ever try this during your shooping with your loved one this weekend ya...Dun let me saw your pic on the board. If not I will take the pic and post it on my blog. hahahaha...

I am so shamful with this parent. They bought their children together while stealing fresh goods. Dun they even think about their children? Ma cibai~! If got no money to buy things can call Michael Cheong for help mar...or call me also can....I'll help you to set up a fund for you to do your grocery shopping every month. Diu...Ma hai~!Padam muka~!
This is the contract promoter that steal so many things during her working hour but caught by the store security.