Monday, November 27, 2006

Angle D5's Saturday Night Drift

I went for Angle D5's Saturday Night Drift at Speedway PLUS Circuit, USJ Rest & Service Area last weekend after been told by Fatlansai a.k.a Mr Nice Guy.

Angle D5 is a Malaysian Drift Team established in May 2005. The name Angle D5 is chosen because of the word " Angle" which means for the maximum angle that every drifter should make as they are drifting along a corner.

As for "D5", it is because this group was found by a Malaysian Drifter named Ah Fai also known as "D Fai" or "D5"

I reach there with my gf around 8.30pm. That time the place was not so crowded and there was about 10 cars drifting on the circuit. I actually dunno wat to do there coz they dun have a event schedule.

I stay there for one hour, when i left i noticed that the place started to get crowded and the drift cars also getting more. Anyway, I think it is still a good place to go on Saturday night rather than "rempit" on the street and died

Direction map

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gion Danish Bread From Kyoto, Japan

I found this special booth crowded with people at Jusco Mid Valley this afternoon. They sell Gion Danish Bread from Kyoto, Japan but who the hell care what is Gion Danish bread ? For me it just look like a ordinary bread that we eat everyday.

Gion Danish Bread is a unique bread from ancient city of Kyoto with all its original taste and texture under the supervision of Japanese baker. It is crusty as a croissant on the outside, delicately soft on the inside and it is made with the finest vegetable oil without any butter.

The delightful sweet aroma and pleasant after taste is the secret behind the popularity of Gion Danish bread. It has a shelf life of almost one week in proper storage

Gion Danish bread is specially import from Kyoto, Japan by BO-LO'GNE SDN BHD and it cost RM 18 per row. WTF~!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


If you noticed that I just add another link called Kukujiao.Com. I dunno much about him but I found that his blog was damn funny. Somemore got free Playboy to download.

This is the one of the video clip that he posted recently entitled "So Syiok Until Can Die Ar?" He claimed that this video clip is the best of “Sum Kap” or better know as Grade 3 movie in Hong Kong …Go and have a look dude~!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

D1 Grand Prix Malaysia | Round 5 (Part 2)

Another interesting part of the D1 Grand Prix Malaysia | Round 5 was demo show performed by two Japanese drifters, Youchi Imaruma and Tsuyoshi Tezuka who were also judges in the event .

Both of them were driving Mazda RX-7 FC and RX-7 with very skillful drifting technique. Just watch the video clip below...

One of the rear wheel drive Proton Waja tuned by R3 team also took part during the demo. The car setup was sucks because the Japanese can't drift it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chinglish Menu

With China hosting the Olympic Games in 2008, there's a concerted push by the Beijing government to train key service sectors in English Language. Somehow "chinglish" (Chinese+English) was invented by the local people.

This creative chinglish menu is one of the menu taken from a Beijing's 3-star hotel. I wonder when come to Beijing 2008, those angmo understand what they ordering from the kitchen.

Hmm...Can I have "fuck to fry the cow river" and "black winter in type seafood soup in day"???

Sunday, November 12, 2006

White Water Rafting @ Sungai Selangor

This trip was arranged by Rubbish Kong about 3 weeks ago. He even travel with Ah Meow and Lualualua 2 weeks ago to have a look at the Sungai Selangor in Kuala Kubu.

Group photo at the starting point

We signed up the tour package with Tracks Adventures. Sungai Selangor is considered as Grade 4 river respectively in the international white water rafting grading system.

We reach Kuala Kubu at 10.15am, the weather was perfect for white water rafting. Later we drove another 10 min to the starting point. The whole rafting jorney is about 5 km and it took us 3 hours to reach the finished point.

The day began with a briefing from Margie from Tracks Adventures. She gaves us lots of advise on paddling techniques, how to shift one's body weight while going over the rapids and between narrow boulders, what to do if a person got tossed into the water? What if the same person were trapped under the raft?

The safety gear

With the fantastic weather, we took 2 rafts with the total of 11 peoples into the water. Along the 3 hours ride, we went through 5 major rapids rated as Class 3 to Class 5. After that, we went down a few small ones and stopped at a waterfall for a break.

Member of the blue boat~!!!!

The horror ended here, we had experienced the most horrify rapids of Sungai Selangor. I was not sastified, my adrenalin is still pumping in my body. Margie said there was another rapid in front of us. We went back to our boats and I requested the capten to make us fell out from the boat.

The bugger rejected my request and told me that his hand is injured and he can't afford to fell out from the boat.

Member of the grey boat with Margie taking off her bra

As usual we were asked to "hole the rope" and prepared for the last rapid. The bugger was busy maneuvering the boat and suddenly our boat hit the big rock in front of us and we all fell out from the boat. It was damn exciting.

The whole team

At the end of it all, we went for a sumptuous meal to feed our hungry stomach in Kuala Kubu town. I think this is an experience more people should enjoy, and try now. We even started to plan for another white water rafting trip in Sg. Asahan, Indonesia next year.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Xtreme Nights | LRT Square, Bukit Jalil (Part 2)

As I promised, the eye washing and nose bleeding AXN girls

The Xtreme Nights | LRT Square, Bukit Jalil (Part 1) edited

The Xtreme Nights 2006 Annual Modified Car Competition is all about modified car search in the industry. It is full with all extreme modified cars and "modified" gals as well.

Anyway, I won't comment more about the show. Just let the pic do the talking.

The date of the pic was edited wrongly.

Let's check out some cool cars 1st.

Dammit~! What is that?

Tokyo Drift???

GTR or Wira?

BMW M5 tuned by Hamann


Myvi or Passo?

Space ship ar?

Anyone need some light?

Not forgetting the hot chick for the show

The night won't be so happening without these gals. I will write another post about the AXN's gals in my next post. I guarantee you will get nose bleed. Stay tuned~!