Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dead Man's Car

I saw this kereta mayat on my way to work this morning. This car is from Cameron Highland Hospital and it is actually Toyota Hilux that been modified to carry dead man across the mountain.
Last night news was confirmed that petrol up by 30 cents , it means that i have to pay extra 13 bucks for my full tank. Currently i pay RM 70/tank with the petrol price at RM 1.62 but after the increament, i have to pay RM 82.96/tank at RM 1.92/litre.
Dirty water supply also another hot issue for the past few days. The water supply really smell like someone shit into the water and u use it to rinse ur mouth and wash ur hand. Then u totally smell like shit. I realized it when i went for lunch yesterday in Ampang with my boss, the chinese tea that i drink really smell like shit and office tap water also got.
We talked about it last night and suddenly the electricity was cut off at about 12 midnight. Last night was so freaking hot so we end up sleeping in the living room with the door wide open.
What the Fuck ...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sales Conference @ Langkawi

Well...To all my dudes out there, i know i had posted too many post regarding Car. So, i had decided to stop posting about car for the time being. I'll be very busy for the next whole week bacause i'm going to Langkawi next Wed to attend my company Sales Conference and i will be back on Saturday but before that i need to do some preparation for the conference starting Monday. Until then, i think i will not be able to update the blog.
To my gf, I know u're going to miss me so much. I just want to tell u that I miss u too...

Lamborghini Murciélago vs Lamborghini Gallardo

The reason i want to write this post is because i was quite confused by the model of the car that i posted on Friday. FeiHaiz told me that it was Lamborghini Gallardo not Lamborghini Murciélago because of the head lamp.
There are only some minor difference from the exterior of the car to differentiate them so this are some info that i found from the internet regarding this 2 supercars. Lamborghini Gallardo (Wallpaper 1024x768)
Technical data sheet
Chassis and body
Tyres (front-rear) Pirelli Pzero 235/35 ZR 19 - 295/30 ZR 19

Type 10 cylinders
Displacement 4961 cc
Compression ratio 11:1
Maximum power 520 hp (382 kW) at 8000 rpm
Maximum torque 510 Nm

Type of transmission Permanent 4-wheel drive with wheel-drive Viscous Traction system

Gearbox 6 speed + reverse

Top speed 315 km/h

Wheelbase 2560 mm
Overall length 4300 mm
Overall width 1900 mm
Overall height 1184 mm
Weight ("dry"-no fuel) 1570 kg

Fuel tank 80 litres

Fuel consumption
Urban 24.8 l/100 km
Extra urban 12.4 l/100 km
Combined 17.0 l/100 km
CO2 400 g/km

Lamborghini Murciélago (Wallpaper 1024x768)
Technical data sheet
Chassis and body
Tyres (front-rear) 245/35 ZR 18 - 335/30 ZR 18

Type 12 cylinders V 60?
Displacement 6192 cc
Compression ratio 10.7:1
Maximum power 580 hp (426 kW) at 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 650 Nm at 5400 rpm

Type of transmission Permanent 4-wheel drive with viscous traction system

Gearbox 6 speed + reverse

Top speed Over 330 km/h

Wheelbase 2665 mm
Overall length 4580 mm
Overall width 2058 mm
Overall height 1135 mm
Weight ("dry"-no fuel) 1650 kg

Fuel tank 100 litres

Fuel consumption
Urban 32.6 l/100 km
Extra urban 15.1 l/100 km
Combined 21.5 l/100 km
CO2 500 g/km

Friday, February 24, 2006

Lamborghini Gallardo @ Mid Valley

I went to RHB Bank yesterday after finished my work and i saw this damn cool Lamborghini Gallardo parked at the valet parking in front of the secret recipe. I think the car probably own by some damn rich malay guy. Anyway...this is the coolest car that i had ever see...
Everyone is eyeing at the car when they passed by the road but I'm not sure whether is the same model that i posted last month in Cars from Other Planet
Nice Ass ya~!
Big 19 inches rim
This car has no gear knob.
This Evo just parked opposite the Lamborghini and of coz cannot compare one lar...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ferrari F2003 GA Replica

This is the Ferrari F2003 GA Replica that show at the New Wing, One Utama during the Bridgestone Motorsport Road Show this afternoon. It looks really cool although i dun really like F1 Ferrari Team.
Bridgestone Motorsport Road Show at New Wing, One Utama. They got F1 Sepang Virtual Race and the F1 Remote Car Race where u can win the F1 Sepang Race tickect and some of their merchandise. I play the game but didnt win. This is the real Bridgestone Potenza Tyre that help Michael Schumacher won the race San Marino GP (Imola), 2004. I still can see the dirt on the tyre but the pic is not clear.


This is the new Ford Focus that i saw last week in Mid Valley. This is the car that u can see in WRC but i still prefer the old version. It cost you RM 133k OTR. Maybe, our West can afford it.
Doest it look like Toyota Wish?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sweet Revenge

Heroes...... :)
What a header from Crouch...I can't control my feeling when I saw the ball notching into the net pas through the helpless Van der Sar...

The whole game was dominated by the home side...I was sitting on the sofa thinking of Liverpool will be the winning side, suddenly, a superb header by Crouch...I jump out from the sofa sand rushing towards the TV and give a huge kiss to Crouch...What a sweet revenge...

Cheers every liverpool fans!!!
Long live Liverpool!!!
U'll never walk alone!!!

*Luckily I don't have gout problem!!!

Posted by
Ruud v. Nistelrooy

Money New Bed

This is "money" new bed. Lately, she like to came into our house to sleep so i had created a new bed for her since no one wants the couch. I will train her to get used of the new bed. Hope she like it.

Anothing thing is i'm gong to have new guest author to write this blog. The 1st one will be Rubbish Kong.

Update: 19/2/2006 12:30pm
Seems like she like it...Good Night Money~!

The Legend of Ah Hwa

Ah Hwa finally came to kl. Non of us believe it coz he always went to Holland not kl but last night was real. Lorento Chan and Rubbish Kong went to fetch him in KLIA. We went for dinner and play snooker after that. I totally forgot to take pic of him until he left and i was about to sleep then only i thought of taken this handsome king's pic. Ah meow, Rubbish Kong and Lorento fetch him back to Pan Pasific.

I heard that he is working with British American Tobacco in Lahat Datu instead of Sandakan and he was on his way to china to attend his company's sales conference. We talk alot about our life in uni last night.

For those who know him, i think u all agreed with me that he got lots of bull shit story that i always dun believe and he always claimed himself as "Handsome King"

For those who dunno this legendary guy called Ah Hwa, he is one of my roomate at the same hostel during the 1st year of my uni life in UPM. We had lots of fun and crazy stuff happening in the hostel. I still remember that he didnt put bed sheet on his mattress on the 1st day he moved in until we left the room after the 1st sem and the mattress was freaking dark and dirty.

He didnt finished his studie like Mr. Ham. He quit after the end of 2nd sem and never come back until yesterday. The reason of why he quit studie is still remain unknown until today...

Anyway, we all wish u All the Best & Good Luck Dude~!
Ah Hwa and Lorento Chan
Ah Hwa and Rubbish Kong
Ah Hwa and Ah Meow

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Year New Furniture Part 2: Rubbish Kong

After 2 years long wait, finally we got dustbin in our house. This modified dustbin actually taken from ah kong's bath room coz he just bought a new one for himself and use this one to put in front of our gate. So, i decided to give it a name so that the garbage collector recognize it as "dustbin" not a normal red busket. I called it "Rubbish Kong" coz it was sponsored by ah kong. I spray english and mandarin on it.Nice name huh~!

So this is my new dustbin called "Rubbish Kong"

New Year New Furniture

New Year new resolution, i got this 2nd hand couch from my gf last weekend together with the washing machine and the matress as well. You guys remember ah hwa from sabah? We met him last night when he stop by at KLIA before transit to China this morning. Didnt see him for 4 years. Still very dark and thinner. Forgot to take his pic before he left. All the best to him~! Hope he do well in his career...
This is my new couch taken from my gf old house. You can see how comfortably it is when ah khang sleep on the couch.
Finally, i got washing machine
This is the old one. Anyone interested?
Btw i saw this Gen2 with very cool Subaru sticker and the front look like Evo8 but no fast enough.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sony Ericsson W550i

This is Sony Ericsson W550i that ah Meow bought last night for his gf as a Valentine's Gift. Nice huh?
The best part of this phone is it can be swivel 360 degree.

Lion Dance @ GSK

This pic was taken last wednesday at my company. I heard from my collegue that every year the company will invite the Lion Dance to "ON" the company during CNY. I hope they really "ON" us this year. The most interesting part was after the performance at the front door of the company, they came inside the office visited the big boss office.
The lion visited the director's office.
They even came to my cubicle.
Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone & Happy Chap Goh Meh~! ~!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hey Dudes, it's been a week since the last post in sibu. So, I'm going to update wat's going on for the past whole week. I was quite busy after came back to kl coz have to catch up my work after a long holiday. For my side, last month sales was pretty good. The volume of last month can cover this month sales but like wat usiong said, next month target is sky high so have to catch up since this month to make sure i hit the 1st quater target.
I came back last sunday night from sibu-kuching-kl. Weather was pretty bad in Sarawak but i was lucky coz immediately after my flight take off from Sibu to Kuching, it start raining heavily, i heard one of my friend from my hometown saying that the flight that he took 30 mins later than me was like a disaster, he took Airasia Boeing 737 and it shake like hell once it take off and everyone in the flight shout (including the stewardess) coz the flight was unstable due to the bad weather.
Weather in Sarawak was unlike kl during CNY. For the past few years, it rain heavily during CNY but this i thought i was ok coz the 1st 3 days during CNY was damn hot but after that the weather changed and start to rain especially on the day i went back to kl. I was quite impressed with Kuching International Airport coz it just look like a mini version of KLIA. Damn~!
Kuching International Airport has just upgraded the upper concourse so all departures have been diverted to the second floor check in counters. It also have the flyover that passed through the 1st & 2nd floor for Arrival & Departure. Just like KLIA... (the pic was taken from sixthseal.com)
The similarities between Kuching International Airport and KLIA ends at the boarding gates - Kuching International Airport has merchandise counters inside the boarding gates as well. (the pic was taken from sixthseal.com)
I went to Q-bar (Sibu) last saturday with my friends and meet some other friends that haven't seem them for long time. So here's the pic of some of them: This is Siaw Yi and me. One of my schoolmate from S.M.K Methodist. She is in Australia as a Pharmacist.
This is Petto and me. She is one of my ex-colleague when i work in Giordano, Sibu during the break after finished my Form Six. She is a Optician right now.
I heard "Money" came back back on last Saturday. My neighbour told me that they went to visit the rich neighbour and saw "money" during CNY at their new house. The rich neighbour told them "money" scratch their front door and also their expensive flooring in the living room. She seems like didnt used to the new environment and they even let money wear sox before entering the house. That's all about "money".
To be continue tomorrow...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Toyota Will VS

This is Toyota Will VS that i saw in Sibu. It looks very cool, just like concept car on the road. I'm not sure about the capacity of the engine. My friend said is about 1.6 or 1.8. I cant see the interior of the car because the car has been tinted. Anyone know about this car?