Thursday, August 17, 2006

TiTan Adjustable Suspension

MPd Auto Centre Sdn. Bhd a.k.a TiTan is a suspension specialist who custom built performance shock absorber to trucks, off-roads 4x4, large vans, motor-cycles and more.

I knew the place from my manager because he himself already installed it in his Nissan Cefiro last year. He told me to ask the boss to bring me for a ride to test their custom made absorber.
I actually went there and met the boss's son and he brought me for a ride with his old Honda Civic. Although the car was old but it was damn powerful somemore with Titan Adjustable Suspension that totally stabilise the car when he took tight corner.

Frankly speaking, it was an owesome experience. I must said it was the best absorber that i had ever try because normally where got ppl let you test their absorber one? btw, for those who is interested you can go there and ask them for a ride.

The whole set of Titan Adjustable Absorber cost RM2800. It comes with 2 years warranty which means within this 2 years if you have any problem or dissastifaction with the absorber, you can always go back to their workshop for service or tuning for free.

Anyway, I can't afford it....maybe in future...

p/s: Wingz..The TiTan location map


Wingz said...

oiii u tarak pout address of Titan laaa if wanna make go where to go lerr lol

Sing Ngibk said...

haiya..okokok i will put...the link

Wingz said...

tenkiu taikor!

Sing Ngibk said...

u faster go there and get one for urself dude..