Monday, January 15, 2007

New TV from Baikoon

This is my 20 years old Mitsubishi Color TV Receiver sponsored by SengSengSeng. It has accompany us through countless boring night. Lately, the filament was not function properly and the visual was fucking blur. It's time to change to the new one.

About a year ago, Baikoon bought a 29 inches Flat Screen TV but he put it in his gf's house. Luckily, he broke up with his gf lately and he is claiming back all the things that he gave to her before.

The 1st thing is a Honda Civic 1.6 (1999) but the TV is still in her place and never brought back. Everytime, we asked him when he wanted to bring back the TV and everytime when we wanted to go to his gf's house it's always raining.

We all fade up with him and thought that bugger must be thinking that he might wanted to go back to his gf one day.

But he proved us wrong. He brought back the TV just this evening together with the carton box somemore.

So this is our new Panasonic T Giga 100Hz 29 inches Flat Screen TV sponsored by Baikoon.

After 15 minutes installation, here come the new TV in our dusty living room. The visual was fucking clear and big.

SengSengSeng, when u want to take back ur old TV?

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usiong said...

tis TV is actually same wif mine in my JB room.can u imagine hw big is de screen is it???hahaha....