Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a Great Night~!

Last Saturday, we were having our Tmn U “Lou San” Dinner at Hee Lai Tong Restaurant, Seri Kembangan. It has been a tradition for all us since graduation to get together for the re-union dinner once a year.

This year we have Horlicks and Jie Ying who purposely came all the way from Malacca to join us for the dinner.

And not forgotten Wawa and his gf who also came all the way from Ipoh.

From the left: Mr. Ham, Wei Bang’s gf and Handsome King a.k.a Sohai Hua.

Lualua also bringing his Mandy from Klang

Ah Meow and Kym

Ah Pek and Rubbish Kong have to sit together because they dun have gf yet.

SengSengSeng was there as well, but he seems to be very quiet that night.

Overall the food at Hee Lai Tong Restaurant was quite nice but timing for the serving was very bad. Imagined if you have to finish the first 3 dishes within 10 minutes.

We also finished 2 cartons of wine. Everyone was very full and some of them start to get drunk after the dinner including me.

Group photo with Baikoon’s new gf called “coffee”.

The Gang~!

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