Sunday, May 06, 2007

Today is Rubbish Kong's Birthday! update

The whole Tmn U Gang went to Green Box, Jusco Cheras Selatan on Sunday night to celebrate Rubbish Kong's birthday.
I was the latest to arrive and saw this Mohawk girl leaving her baby outside her room while having fun. WTF....

I didnt sing much because the list was fully booked by Ah Pek aka Rubbish Kong Admirer. He is really annoying.

See...Ah Pek like Rubbish Kong so much. Just like a fans meeting his favourite idol. He loves Rubbish Kong's handsome face and also this is the 1st time Ah Pek heard Rubbish Kong's voice.

But then, he still try to steal Rubbish Kong's mic.

And he kena fucked by Rubbish Kong but Ah Pek still managed to steal his mic.

Rubbish Kong very unhappy and he want to revenge.

So we decided to held arm wrestling for them to see which one will win the mic.

To be continue...coz the arm wrestling video is not with me at the moment.

This is the video of Mr. Ham singing a "special song" for the birthday boy while Baikoon and LuaLua dance for him.

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