Thursday, January 26, 2006

Free Goods for CNY

This are the free goods that i received this afternoon from my dealer for CNY celebration. Unfortunately, i cant bring it back to sarawak. So i sell some of them to lua lua and ah meow with very cheap price.

List of free goods:
2 ctns of Tiger Beer
2 ctns of Milo can drink
2 cnts of Anglia Shandy
2 ctns of Nestea
2 ctns of Ribena Apple RTD
1ctn of Ribena Mobile Cranberry
1 bottle of Ribena Blankcurrent 2 litre
24 packs of Horlick Chocolate 200g

Happy Chinese New Year to u all~!


west said...

i buy all from u at rm 50 ok?? cheap sales la

Sing Ngibk said...

u mean one ctn milo ar?i sold out that 2 ctns of tiger already