Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DIY Passport Size Photo

Normally where do u take passport size photo when u want to renew license or passport? Photoshop? By paying expensive RM12 for 6 photos?

Let me teach u how to DIY.

Choose a nice shirt (sponsored by Rubbish Kong without his knowledge). Pink is a good choice with pick tie somemore.

Dun forget to gel ur head.

Wear the shirt and tie but no need to wear pant because passport size photo no need bottom part and i am sure that u can't wear like that to photoshop.

Serious look.

So lengzai until can die....

This is with flash. Definately cannot use.

Edit the photo using photoshop software and print it out using normal Canon printer.

The finifshing goods. Why have to pay more?


yusiong said...

good job, dude!!!

footailing said...

hey man...i got a nice software which can help u to edit ur potret pic to passport pics....nice and small...

Name of the software: Passport Photo DIY

download from: www.openplatform.com.hk

try it out..

Tai Ling

Charles Key said...

cool tutorial.