Monday, November 05, 2007

Phuket Trip

This is our Phuket trip back in April.
Busy Bangla street at night.
A Qua anyone?
Ready to go for snorkeling on 2nd day on Phi Phi Island.

James Bond Island

We went to Phuket Fantasea during night time.
We went for cave canoeing on the 3rd day. It was an owesome experience.
Getting ready to jump from the boat.
Titanic style.
The cave was so low and you can't enter the cave during hide tide.

Group photo at Patong Beach
Having Cha Fan before going back to KL.



Anonymous said...

Randomly found your blog.
Very Nice pictures. What kind of camera did you use?


Sing Ngibk said...

it depends on which pics that u talking about. There were 3 cameras during the trip. all compact digital camera. no dslr...

Sandy's Story... said...

Halooo.. I'm planning for two couples Phulet trip March 2008.
In your opinion, which is the better recomendation for rest & relax? Patong??? Karon??? Kata???
After reading someblogs, Bangla street is one of the spot that cannot be missed out. Any others spots?