Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Race Car Yeah Yeah~!

This is the pic that taken just now...this pic looks clearer than the previous one

This is the pic of my dude's car.It is 1.3 Proton Iswara. It has been tuned by Apexi lately. Unfortunately, i can't show u the engine yet but when u look at the exterior of the car, it is definitely a high performance car. Untill now, i still haven't find out which lubricant he's using because he only change his engine oil once a year. Normally, he only refill but not changing his engine oil. After the tuning was done, we decided to put on some sponsor's sticker on it. So, we have this GC's sticker, Option's sticker and Hypertune's on it. It actually looks cool. Due to the modification that has been made, this car only can be driven by train professional. So we put on the warning sticker as well.

Our final dream for this car is to put my dude's car on the cover page in the next issue complete with all the fact such as bodykit and dyno test or maybe we can suggest them to use my dude's car as a project car in near future. One of our crew (Franksis, Guy from West) even went down to singapore last weekend to look for other sponsors for car modification. We strongly believe that those sponsors who wish to invest for this project are definitely increase their sales for their products once the car come out from the magazine since proton's car own the biggest market share in the country.

But in all honesty, we do have to pay our tribute to the partners and sponsors that have made this minor project a success that it is, With their guidance and know-how, the project went on without any major hitches during the length of the mission with ran for more than 6 months.

Before i forget, the car also feature with the racing calendar on the side window. Sorry about the pic. It was taken by nokia phone using night mode so it was not clear. So guys, next time if u saw this car on the road, u better watch out!

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