Friday, February 17, 2006

New Year New Furniture

New Year new resolution, i got this 2nd hand couch from my gf last weekend together with the washing machine and the matress as well. You guys remember ah hwa from sabah? We met him last night when he stop by at KLIA before transit to China this morning. Didnt see him for 4 years. Still very dark and thinner. Forgot to take his pic before he left. All the best to him~! Hope he do well in his career...
This is my new couch taken from my gf old house. You can see how comfortably it is when ah khang sleep on the couch.
Finally, i got washing machine
This is the old one. Anyone interested?
Btw i saw this Gen2 with very cool Subaru sticker and the front look like Evo8 but no fast enough.

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