Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dead Man's Car

I saw this kereta mayat on my way to work this morning. This car is from Cameron Highland Hospital and it is actually Toyota Hilux that been modified to carry dead man across the mountain.
Last night news was confirmed that petrol up by 30 cents , it means that i have to pay extra 13 bucks for my full tank. Currently i pay RM 70/tank with the petrol price at RM 1.62 but after the increament, i have to pay RM 82.96/tank at RM 1.92/litre.
Dirty water supply also another hot issue for the past few days. The water supply really smell like someone shit into the water and u use it to rinse ur mouth and wash ur hand. Then u totally smell like shit. I realized it when i went for lunch yesterday in Ampang with my boss, the chinese tea that i drink really smell like shit and office tap water also got.
We talked about it last night and suddenly the electricity was cut off at about 12 midnight. Last night was so freaking hot so we end up sleeping in the living room with the door wide open.
What the Fuck ...

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