Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Legend of Ah Hwa

Ah Hwa finally came to kl. Non of us believe it coz he always went to Holland not kl but last night was real. Lorento Chan and Rubbish Kong went to fetch him in KLIA. We went for dinner and play snooker after that. I totally forgot to take pic of him until he left and i was about to sleep then only i thought of taken this handsome king's pic. Ah meow, Rubbish Kong and Lorento fetch him back to Pan Pasific.

I heard that he is working with British American Tobacco in Lahat Datu instead of Sandakan and he was on his way to china to attend his company's sales conference. We talk alot about our life in uni last night.

For those who know him, i think u all agreed with me that he got lots of bull shit story that i always dun believe and he always claimed himself as "Handsome King"

For those who dunno this legendary guy called Ah Hwa, he is one of my roomate at the same hostel during the 1st year of my uni life in UPM. We had lots of fun and crazy stuff happening in the hostel. I still remember that he didnt put bed sheet on his mattress on the 1st day he moved in until we left the room after the 1st sem and the mattress was freaking dark and dirty.

He didnt finished his studie like Mr. Ham. He quit after the end of 2nd sem and never come back until yesterday. The reason of why he quit studie is still remain unknown until today...

Anyway, we all wish u All the Best & Good Luck Dude~!
Ah Hwa and Lorento Chan
Ah Hwa and Rubbish Kong
Ah Hwa and Ah Meow

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