Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Last week, my back was damn pain and it hurt me like hell. I have to sit very straight to help me reduce the pain and sometime can’t sit for too long. That’s why I didn’t play basketball for the last whole week.

I told my gf and she curi curi bring me the OSIM uZap that belong to her mother to help me massage my back. Surprisingly, it cures my back.Of cause, for such a nice stuff, normally I will share with friends and let them try out the OSIM uZap. Another reason also because of our unhealthy working life that make our tummy growing bigger and bigger lately. That’s why we start to play some games after work like badminton and basketball.
I saw Mr. Ham was sitting on the sofa so I let him try out the OSIM uZap 1st. He seems like quite enjoying lying on the sofa and let the OSIM uZap massage his stomach.
After that, I saw Rubbish Kong came out from bath room with his towel hanging around his tummy. I quickly introduced to him the OSIM uZap and let him try out.
SengSengSeng also try out at last but I think it won’t help him much as he got the thickest skin.
Although OSIM uZap help me to cure my back ache that day but 2 days later my left shoulder started to pain again even when I’m writing this post.

Video clip of Rubbish Kong using Osim uZap

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