Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pizza Hut Bill

Someone forwarded this email to me. The above pic is just a normal order form that you'll get once you ordered your pizza. Normally, you won't give a fuck about what they wrote on the paper but coincidently the person who wrote this email notice something.According to the email, his friend went to Pizza Hut and found out there is a columm called "Race". If you are Chinese, the waiter will marked the columm as "C". If you are "Malay" the columm will be marked as "O". The diffrence is if you were marked as "O" you won't have service charge and tax charges but if you were marked as "C" then you got to pay the 15% service & tax charges.
Personally I dunno wheather this is true or not coz didn't eat pizza for long time already. So, is there any pizza lovers who can find out the truth for me?

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