Friday, July 21, 2006

McDonald: Spicy Beef Foldover

I know I was away from blogging for quite some time already. Now this blog seems like half dead shows that my blog only got 10 pageview per day. Frankly, when I saw the statistic i really got no mood to blog but the main reason is still because of the stupid blogspot that suddenly gone crazy and i can't upload my pics for weeks......
Anyway, now I'M BACK DUDE~!!!! after so many weeks and put my butt in front of my laptop to blog...1st of deepest gratitude to Mr. Ham, West, Usiong, Lualua, Lorento Chan, West, Sengsengseng and Rubbish Kong for lingering on my blog when i was not blogging. Dude~! if not because of you guys i think i already give up this blog. And because of you guys who gave me the inspiration to blog. Once again, thanks for the support dude.
Back to blogging...
I went to McDonald last week to try out the new Spicy Beef Flodover and it taste like shit~!!! I was eating while reading the new leaflet that they normally put on the tray and the more i read the more i get angry because it doesn't match as described on the paper...
The paper wrote:
McDonald's™ Foldovers™Completely satisfying mealsMcDonald's™ brings you the new Spicy Beef Foldover™, the perfect complement to the Grilled Chicken Foldover™. They're all you need for completely satisfying meals. Big on taste and size, they're packed with premium quality ingredients for balanced meals.

Treat yourself to the new Spicy Beef Foldover™, with marinated beef strips, crisp lettuce, onions, carrots, red and white cabbage, tomatoes and cheese. All topped off with zesty and spicy Mexican sauce, tucked in a warm toasted flatbread. Or delight in the Grilled Chicken Foldover™, now with a new recipe - mayonnaise with enhanced garlic flavor and added veggies like carrots, red and white cabbage. Enjoy two lightly-grilled chicken patties, fresh veggies and tomatoes in a toasted flatbread.

Take one bite and you'll see why everyone agrees the Foldovers™ are so completely satisfying.

I dun felt satisfying after i ate it. I dun even finished the damn thing.

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