Saturday, March 25, 2006

OSIM Eyecare Massager

This is OSIM Eyecare Massager that i received from my gf. According to the manual, it helps to promote a stronger blood circulation, thus relaxes strain and fatigue the eyes and also helps to prevent eye bags, eye-palpebral black eyes or the little wrinkles around our eyes so i guess it is more suitable for gals.
It used 1.5v battery to operate and have special eye shields to protect the eyes from intense light.
As I'm writing this post i actually wearing the massager. It makes my head vibrate like hell especially when u tuned to the fast mode. I think I'll felt dizzy very soon. After that I let Rubbish Kong to use it. He was so excited and show me this power ranger's pose but very soon he start to felt dizzy.
Finally I also let Seng Seng Seng to wear it. I just wonder whether he can wear it or not since he have the biggest head among us.
Money also wear it.

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