Friday, March 10, 2006

Some Pic of My Langkawi Business Trip

Welcome to Langkawi...The famous landmark The Eagle Square.
One of the reason that it took me so long to update this blog is because i was waiting from my coleague to send me this pic. This is actually the pic that i took with my colleague, Kelvin, me and 2 japanese chicks. The left one is called Yumi and the right one is Izumi. Yamade ya~!
BBQ buffet dinner at the hotel. The BBQ seafood was fantastic
Sunset view at the hotel
Pantai Cenang
Sunset at Pantai Cenang
The sexy dance show during the gala dinner.
The dancers look pretty during the show but actually i saw them in the afternoon b4 the show without make up and most of them are ugly and i also found out that one of them are 'Agua'
The sea view from Eagle Square. The jetty is on the left.
Notes:- I tried to post this last night but the line was so fucked up. TMnet really sucks~!

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