Monday, March 27, 2006

Sigma Chatroom (Live)

Attenttion~!!! to all the dudes out there. For me to serve you guys better, I just created a Live Chatroom at the bottom of my blog so that when you guys visit my blog you can actually login to the chatroom and chat with the other dude that also in my blog at the same time.
It is very user friendly. When you visit my blog, just check how many person in my blog 1st by checking how many users online on the right corner below my personel profile. Then you just scroll down till you see the Sigma Chatroom and type in your nick and click login.
You will be notify by the chatroom when the other user login to the chatroom. It is something like msn provided the person have to login 1st.
I hope you guys really enjoy my blog~!

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