Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Application for a night out with the boys

This is for those guys who always having problem with ur gf/wife when ur buddies invited you to chill out coz most of time we are having difficulties to tell our loved one and even to the extend that sometimes we need to apply "VISA" from the "Internal Home & Affair Ministry" in advanced. It's not that we want to cheat them, but sometimes u know just abit difficult to tell the truth.

To avoid any complication, i found this form called "Application for a night out with the boys". It is very useful for the guys that who always have to go out at night and dumb their loved one at home.

This is a very comprehensive and useful form those whose frieds always kena locked at home. If you want to help them just download this file and print it out to you friends. He will be out from the jail very soon.

For the ladies, I think you will be more secure after ur partner fill up this form and sign it in front of you coz he is clearly aware that "who wears the trousers in your relationship" and somemore you are the decision maker. You can either approved or denied at your own risk. Good luck guys and gals!

Please download here

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