Monday, December 11, 2006

Fuck the TMNet

I just came from Genting yesterday. As usual I switch ON my laptop and wanted to check my blog but I can't get connected. No signal at all and since my wireless router was placed in neighbour and they were not at home so I can't ask them to reset for me.

Until this morning when i saw my neighbour and asked them to reset the router, then only i found out that my neighbour had actually disconnected the streamyx due to frequent disconnection. The uncle was so pissed with TMNet and wrote an email to TMNet regardind this matter and they promised will come and fixed the line within 48 hours but they dun even turn out.

The uncle said he will see how thing goes and decide wheather want to contineu the service or not. Luckily, the unknown router was ON so that i can check my email and update this blog yet the speed is still so fucked up.

I think TMNet streamyx shounld called themself Streamyx Narrowband instead of Streamyx Braodband.

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Martin said...

Everyone knows Streamyx is slow and useless!