Thursday, May 18, 2006

Insect Eating With Fear Factor Style

All the members in my gang except me went to Bangkok 2 weeks ago and they found this interesting stuff. This is actually fried grasshopper which is one of Thai’s favourite snack but for foreigner this is totally unacceptable. Human being are not born to eat this crape.
This is another unknown species which I also dunno what hell it is….
Ma Cibai~! They must be accidently put this damn big beetle in when they fried the grasshopper or maybe the beetle accidently felt into the frying pan and got fried.
Normally human being dun eat rubbish so I only can ask our almighty Mr. Rubbish Kong to perform this stunt.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mr. Rubbish Kong who attempting to try to eat this fried grasshopper with fear factor style.
OMG~! It just damn fucking disgusting. I want to vomit already….
You are the man dude~! I salute you…..
This is another one….it looks like cocroach’s egg. Damn~!!!
Ma hai~! I really cannot tahan already….I go toilet 1st…Btw, dun try this at home.....


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