Tuesday, May 23, 2006

McDonald in Bangkok With “Sawadeeka” Style

Lualua, usiong and Mr. Ronald McDonald greet you with “sawadeeka” style
Rubbish Kong and Mr. Ham with his “princess” at McDonald
Spicy McNuggets highly recommended by usiong.Some of the menu that we can’t find in McDonald Malaysia.
The whole set menu come with a soft drink, French fries, McNuggets and hot & spicy sauce.
They also have Plum sauce.
Spicy McNuggets only available in Thailand.
Besides the Spicy McNuggets, they also have this salad called McSalad Shaker something similar to the salad that we have at KFC but this one looks more interesting because all the vegetable were inside a cup called “Shaker”.
Before you start to shake it, you have to put the mayonnaise 1st.
After that, closed the shaker and you can shake it like a bartender.
Please watch the video clip below and see how Lualua did it.

by snting


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