Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Kuantan Trip (Part 2)

Pantai Sepat was located about 10km away from the south of Kuantan town. By the time, we started to go there, the weather was a bit cloudy….
After 30 minutes drive, we reach Pantai Sepat. Pantai Sepat was not as cloud as Teluk Cempedak because it is still relatively undeveloped. The coastline to the south of the town is in many ways more appealing than the beach at Teluk Cempedak. The beach was so damn long….
It was damn fucking long beach….at least 3 km….the beach was quiet and relaxing…
Besides the beach, there are some typical east coast malay house along the road with coconut trees around their house. It makes me remember of those scene in malay movies
There are many sheep along the road also.
Ma cibai~! So many of them…different color different size. If I drive lorry sure I will catch some of them and roast it.
This is the big one….make me remember of lamb shank that I had previous night.
Ma hai~! Goat also got…there are everywhere….
To be continue again tomorrow…..gtg~!

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