Tuesday, May 30, 2006

KL International Motorshow 2006

I went to PWTC to watch KL International Motorshow 2006 last Saturday. It was a great experience. Lots of latest and coolest cars during the exhibition and not forgetting the pretty show car gals. This motorshow has been held for the past few years and it was my 1st time to attend this kind of exhibition.
I went there with my colleagues. I’m very regret for not having a digicam with me. My handphone’s pic quality was totally sucks~! Once again I won’t do too much intro about the cars because there was no liftlet given by the car manufacturer and the exhibition was really huge and crowded.
Proton was the 1st car manufacturer that I saw after the entrance and of coz I know you guys was not interested about the Proton’s model.
They show a few rare models or their concept car from Lotus and I can said that they have the worst brand ambassador (showgirl) throughout the entire motorshow. That’s why I can take the car’s photo. Because normally, when the show car got pretty and sexy brand ambassador, you will not be able to take the car’s photo.

This is the well-known Lotus 300RR owned by the team called Proton R3 Amprex where they had participated in Round 3 of Super GT in Sepang International Circuit last year and also Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race.
This is Nissan Sports Concept which I dun think they’re going to launch in Malaysia in near future. Anyway, it was a cool car with 20 inches rim and lots of future concept specification.
The latest launch of NAZA 206 Bestari but this is the sports version. It comes with the 17 inches rim. Looks pretty cool huh~! But I notice that the rim was from JRD. The “paliaest” rim I ever know.
Myvi Sports version. I think they will launch this car pretty soon. It’s quite a cool car after the modification.
At least they dun used JRD rim like Proton and NAZA. This is 15 inches rim from MOMO.
Toyota latest launch. YARIS Sports.
Evo 9
Honda Modulo. If I’m not mistaken, this is actually the initial model of Honda Civic.
The backside
The Honda Civic Sports version. No bad huh~!
Honda Civic Hybrid
There were some weird cars in the motorshow. Like this Hyundai Accent RX-5. Mahai~! Can’t imagine which stupid idiot dares to install this gullwing doors.

Crazy idea from Toyota. Maybe robot or alien will be competing in F1 in future.
Another concept car from Toyota. This one looks more acceptable compare with previous one.
Honda Sports 4 concept.
No bad huh?

Another concept car from Honda.
This gal not pretty....later I show some "Chum" one
Brabus also participated in the motorshow and they also show some of their special tuned Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes SLR worth 1.4 million.
Enzo Ferrari
Finally, the Porsche Carrera GT

Some of you must be thinking why I didn’t have the pic about the gals? Well…actually I did take lots of pretty gal’s pic about the brand ambassador but my pic quality was really sucks~! Anyway…I will use the pic taken from my colleague’s digicam. Stay tune dude~!


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