Monday, May 22, 2006

My Dude’s Bangkok Trip

All my dudes went to Bangkok trip on 6th-9th May, I didn’t go actually coz I was damn fucking poor. I can’t afford to go oversea. I only can go local trip somemore is something like “jalan jalan cari makan” type. Sorry guys~! Hope to join you guys next time.

Anyway, I think they all had a good time there and brought back lots of fun and stupid picture for me to post here.

Since, I didn’t go to Bangkok so I’m not going to do any intro about Bangkok. Just to show you guys some pics about my dudes in Bangkok.
They all went to Bangkok on 6th May through AirAsia. The tickets was purchase during AirAsia Promotion in January whereby most of them get the free ticket from AirAsia.
The interior look of AirAsia new airbus airplane. Pretty new huh~!
Rubbish Kong and Feihaiz was too tired and slept on the plane because I remember they were too excited that night and play mahjong for whole night.

The whole gang taking picture in front of the Siam Paragon where the Mtv Asia was held that night.

My dudes
My dudes taking pic on the boat ride.
Rubbish Kong, Lorento and Feihaiz on the “tutu”
Taking pic in front of the Siam’s Palace
Welcome to Bangkok dude~!
Taking pic with the guard
Thicker and thinner

Video:rubbish birthday
by snting

Video clip of Rubbish Kong celebrating birthday in Bangkok


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