Monday, November 27, 2006

Angle D5's Saturday Night Drift

I went for Angle D5's Saturday Night Drift at Speedway PLUS Circuit, USJ Rest & Service Area last weekend after been told by Fatlansai a.k.a Mr Nice Guy.

Angle D5 is a Malaysian Drift Team established in May 2005. The name Angle D5 is chosen because of the word " Angle" which means for the maximum angle that every drifter should make as they are drifting along a corner.

As for "D5", it is because this group was found by a Malaysian Drifter named Ah Fai also known as "D Fai" or "D5"

I reach there with my gf around 8.30pm. That time the place was not so crowded and there was about 10 cars drifting on the circuit. I actually dunno wat to do there coz they dun have a event schedule.

I stay there for one hour, when i left i noticed that the place started to get crowded and the drift cars also getting more. Anyway, I think it is still a good place to go on Saturday night rather than "rempit" on the street and died

Direction map

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