Tuesday, November 21, 2006


If you noticed that I just add another link called Kukujiao.Com. I dunno much about him but I found that his blog was damn funny. Somemore got free Playboy to download.

This is the one of the video clip that he posted recently entitled "So Syiok Until Can Die Ar?" He claimed that this video clip is the best of “Sum Kap” or better know as Grade 3 movie in Hong Kong …Go and have a look dude~!


earl-ku said...

hahaha ... nice nice nice

Sing Ngibk said...

thanks for login my blog...never thought that u will read my blog...

Anonymous said...

earl ku wei hoong,

when u were jobless, i lend you money. then u had a job and i was happy for u as a friend. i never ask u to repay me. i told u to pay me back only when you have the money. but that was years ago! and the money is only RM800.

why are u treating a friend like this? im not angry over the RM800, but i felt betrayed and disappointed with you. i dont mind if u tell me that you cannot pay right now, but you avoided my phone calls to 0123693547 and never reply to my email, and then you deleted my comment in your kukujiao.com blog. wtf?!

you betrayed our friendship. you betrayed my trust to u.