Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sohai Hua's Farewell Dinner

Last night we went to Riverside Bahkuteh in Serdang for Sohai Hua's farewell dinner. Riverside Bahkuteh is one of the best bahkuteh in Serdang.

Sohai Hua flying back to Sabah earlier this morning. After that, he is leaving to Singapore to start his new job in DHL. He said he will come back to Tmn U and visit us when he is free. I believe no one will takes his word because last time when he went back to Sabah he also said he will came back in 2 months time but it took 5 years time for him to came back.

Anyway, I hope u enjoyed ur stay in Tmn U for the past 2 months. Although we locked u in the house and left u alone during working day.

Lastly, I wish u all the best in ur future undertaking. Do come back and visit us when u free.

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usiong said...

hsk:i wish u all e best in ur new job. got time jus drop by to TMN U more freqeunt la....tak k