Sunday, November 12, 2006

White Water Rafting @ Sungai Selangor

This trip was arranged by Rubbish Kong about 3 weeks ago. He even travel with Ah Meow and Lualualua 2 weeks ago to have a look at the Sungai Selangor in Kuala Kubu.

Group photo at the starting point

We signed up the tour package with Tracks Adventures. Sungai Selangor is considered as Grade 4 river respectively in the international white water rafting grading system.

We reach Kuala Kubu at 10.15am, the weather was perfect for white water rafting. Later we drove another 10 min to the starting point. The whole rafting jorney is about 5 km and it took us 3 hours to reach the finished point.

The day began with a briefing from Margie from Tracks Adventures. She gaves us lots of advise on paddling techniques, how to shift one's body weight while going over the rapids and between narrow boulders, what to do if a person got tossed into the water? What if the same person were trapped under the raft?

The safety gear

With the fantastic weather, we took 2 rafts with the total of 11 peoples into the water. Along the 3 hours ride, we went through 5 major rapids rated as Class 3 to Class 5. After that, we went down a few small ones and stopped at a waterfall for a break.

Member of the blue boat~!!!!

The horror ended here, we had experienced the most horrify rapids of Sungai Selangor. I was not sastified, my adrenalin is still pumping in my body. Margie said there was another rapid in front of us. We went back to our boats and I requested the capten to make us fell out from the boat.

The bugger rejected my request and told me that his hand is injured and he can't afford to fell out from the boat.

Member of the grey boat with Margie taking off her bra

As usual we were asked to "hole the rope" and prepared for the last rapid. The bugger was busy maneuvering the boat and suddenly our boat hit the big rock in front of us and we all fell out from the boat. It was damn exciting.

The whole team

At the end of it all, we went for a sumptuous meal to feed our hungry stomach in Kuala Kubu town. I think this is an experience more people should enjoy, and try now. We even started to plan for another white water rafting trip in Sg. Asahan, Indonesia next year.

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Anonymous said...

Cool man! I was there last sunday. Our boat was turned over too. Damn exciting the trip and tat was my 1st time rafting :)