Monday, October 09, 2006

Broken Windscreen

This morning Mr. Ham went to take his car after been parked at Subang for the past weekend. Suddenly he saw that his front windscreen was broken. Not sure wheather someone broke it or it broke itself due to the hot weather.

Then Mr. Ham quickly called Lualualua who was in the meeting at that moment. Lualualua gave him a number to call for help and it was West The Mr. Nice Guy who shown up immediately after received his call.

West take a look at his car 1st and start to call for help. He called me to ask eaither I know some workshop that can help Mr. Ham to repair his front windscreen with damn cheap price. So I told him that someone in Serdang actually can get a damn cheap price for his front windscreen but the problem was he have to drive his car back to Serdang windscreenlessly.

This is the pic taken by Ah Meow in the workshop in Serdang after Mr.Ham drive his car all the way from Subang without the windscreen. He only wear Rubbish Kong's sunglasses to protect his eyes in the rain this evening. Poor Mr. Ham...

This video was taken by Rubbish Kong after delivered his vaccum to Mr. Ham to clean his car before he drove back to Serdang.

Once again our poor Mr.Ham need sponsor for him to repair his windscreen. Anyone can help ar?


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