Saturday, October 21, 2006


I'm sorry for the lack of posting coz I've been really busy last week due to my work load. I only got 3-4 hours sleep a day, until last Wednesday I collapsed and I can't wake up in the morning. I called my manager and told him that I need to go to field and will return to office later in the afternoon.

Later that afternoon when I reach office my boss called straight into his room and give me a white envolope. I GOT PROMOTED~! Damn~! I've been waiting this moment for so long and all my hard work finally got paid. Then I returned to my table and received another red color envolope. I got invited to my collegue's wedding on 26th Oct.

I was damn happy and many thanks to my manager who recommended me and gave me lots of guidence. Anyway I was happy for him as well coz he also get promoted at the same time.

To celebrate it, me and my 3 managers went to Shah Alam Stadium Circuit yesterday afternoon to have some race. I will write another post about Go-Karting later.

Since today is today is Deepavali Day and Hari Raya is coming next week. I'll be on holiday from 20th Oct till 26th Oct and I will start my holiday trip later in the morning with my gf. Until now, I still haven't decide where to go but for sure I will reach Ipoh on Sunday and meet up with Ah Meow, Rubbish Kong, Lualualua, Usiong and the rest of the gang. I'll be back to kl on Monday and have some good rest. Till then, I see you guys in Ipoh and Happy Deeparaya~! Good night~!

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usiong said...

let me b e 1st one to congrate u get promotion here la....gambateh ne,,,,