Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

"Lost World of Tambun" is located in the historic town of Ipoh in the middle of the North-South corridor in Perak. The park is the sister theme park of Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya.

We went there last weekend to have some fun. It cost us RM21 per entry. We reach there about 11am.

My RM21 bucks just gone like that...

We took a group photo before we enter enter the theme park.

We get ourself ready in the changing room and Rubbish Kong was damn excited.

After changed, we try out the famous Tambun hot springs. The pool was filled with hot mineral water that flow down from the roof top.

I didn't take photo for “Tube Raiders” (sliding down with large tubes) and “Cliff Racer” (top speed mine carts) which is the most interesting part because I left the digicam in the locker.

By the time I took out the digicam, Rubbish Kong and Mr. Ham just boarded into Stormrider.

Rubbish Kong and Mr. Ham was so happy on the ride but look at the gal behind them. She cried like hell...

We took another pic on the Lost World train.

Actually the themepark was quite disappointing because there was not much games we can play and we finished all the games within an hour and not much lenglui to see also...we left around 3pm

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