Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Tyre Burst This Afternoon

My left rear tyre was burst this afternoon in MRR2 Highway near Salak Selatan while going for lunch with my other 2 managers.

It was quite tricky coz I didn't know that my tyre gone flat already after I heard a big sound "BOM!!!". I can't stop the car coz I was in the middle of the road until I reach near the junction to the Turf Club then I heard the sound "Bliak, Bliak, Bliak" and the car start to get bumpy.

I stop near the Sg. Besi Tol and got it changed with my spare tyre.

Then I check my tyre and found out it was quite serious because it was burst at the side wall and cannot be repair. Shit!

After the lunch, I went down to Klang and got it changed. The broken tyre was Barum (Made in Malaysia) 205/45/16 bought it last year at RM 195/tyre and just now I changed the rear one to Falken 326 (Made in Japan) 205/45/16 at RM 210/tyre and I changed both rear tyres and my RM 420 just gone like that.

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