Thursday, April 20, 2006

West Ice Cigarette Review

This is my 1st post about cigarettes. I'm sure for those who been to Langkawi or when you passed by duty free shop in the airport or those Mclaren F1 fans are quite familiar with cigarette's brand called West made by Reemtsma, Germany by arrangement with West Park Tobacco Inc . Recently they have came out with the new flavor called West Ice.
Many thanks to Rubbish Kong for buying this cigarettes from Changi Airport this evening so that I can post it and let you guys to have a look at it It cost $19.70 per carton which is still cheap if convert to Ringgit is about RM 44.68.

It has this radiator's pic at the back of the cigarette pack meaning the cigarette provide you with ice cool flavor.
...and each of the West Ice cigarettes has the standard silver font "West Ice" letters scripted on the tip with 2 strikes crossover the West.

So for those who want to try it out. Please send your email to Rubbish Kong for free cigarettes.

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