Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mission Impossible: Rescue "Money"

I met those fuckers at 1pm this afternoon after withraw RM 150 from the ATM. They wait me at the Pusat Kurungan Haiwan. West asked me to see the guy called Khairul to settle the shit thing. When I reach there, they were waiting in the car so I called the guy out. He blinked at me 1st then asked:
Khairul: Hey~! You sudah bayar saman dekat MPSJ kah?
Me: Yeah~! Sudah boss (loudly)
Khairul: So you datang nak ambil anjing lar?
Khairul: Yeah~!
Then the fella bring me to see "Money" and bring her into my car while the other guy followed me.
Other guy: Wah~! You punyai kereta manyak cantik lar...
Me: Tak ada lar...So..macam mana you mau settle? Cakap lar cepat....
Other guy: You cakap lar...
Me: You nak berapa? Cakap saje lar...
Other guy: Aiya...I mana boleh minta duit sama you...
Me: Haiya...boleh settle punyai...RM 100 mau?
Other Guy: Aiya...mana boleh? Bayar saman pun mau RM 1000 lar...
Me: Ma cibai...jangan tipu lar...Itu saman hanya RM 200...You ingat I tak tau kah?
Other Guy: I 3 orang lar...tak cukup..
Me: Aiya...Last time sudah kena tangkap satu kali lar...Ini kali bagi discount lar...RM 100 lar
Other guy: "Speechless"
Then I asked him again:
Me: Mana I punyai saman? Semalam I balik sumah tak jumpa saman pun?
Other guy: Tak ada saman punyai....I tau ini anjing you punya so tak ada buka saman kali ini.
Then suddenly I spot something and said:

Me: Eh...Itu belakang punya anjing manyak besar lar...
Other guy: Yeah lor...You mau pigi tengok kah?
Me: Jom~! pergi

Then I gave him RM 100 at the back of the lokap and jump up to my car and fetch "Money" back home safely.
Money in my car while I drove her back home this afternoon.

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