Saturday, April 15, 2006

Adam Digital Freak-Out Demo Car

This is actually a pending post that I save in my blogger for few weeks already. At 1st I decided not to post because I have posted too many post regarding cars. Since today I got nothing to do and nothing to post so I decided to post this one and let you guys have a look about this freaking car.
I saw this Nissan Vanette couple of weeks ago when I sent my car to one of car's accesorries shop to change my brake's bulb. This car really freaked me out. Walking past a van with that many speakers and woofers going off at full blast is enough to make a man deaf. The bass went through me, causing every internal organ in body to pulse along with the fast-peaced ah beng style techno music blaring from it.
So this Nissan Vanette pulls up, Adam Digital motifs painted on either side of it and sports allows. This Adam Digital demo car is clearly the most impressive one that I have ever see.
The core of this demo van is a Blaupunkt headunit.
The freaking earth-shaking bass are 12 6 inch Adam Digital AD-6.OM subwoofers and 6 AD-5.iT digital tweeters that provide the higher range of sounds. Not to forget also 10 Adam Digital component speaker that provide mid-range frequencis. There are even spotlight attached to the back of the rear van door to better showcase the the speakers on the inside.
It needs 10 batteries and 6 Adam Digital KTP1500 Monoblock amplifiers to power all these speakers which are placed behind the driver and passenger seats in a little compartment along with the headunit, equalizer and crossover control . There's even an Auto-Gauge voltmeter to keep tabs on the power output of these big noise makers to make the earth-shake.
Btw, Happy Easter Dude~!

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