Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rubbish Kong Recipe: Boiled Egg

Since today is The Prophet's Birthday, our beloved Mr. Rubbish Kong finally willing to reveal his long kept secret recipe: A perfect Boiled Egg. It's my honor to share with all of you one of his favourite food other than See Harm.
1st of all, you must have 2 eggs.
Then, get yourself a nice Thermos instead of boiling it on the gas that will burnt your eggs in case you forgot your eggs.
Put your eggs into the boiler carefully and add in 500ml of water. Press the "Boil" button and wait. Don't worry if you have forgotten your eggs because the thermos will "keep warm" for you after the egg was boiled.
The perfect time to boil your eggs is at nigt time before you go to sleep so that the next morning you still can have your eggs warm. Anyone, wanna try?

P/S:- I remember someone said the thermos can only use to boil RO water. There was one time when Mr Ham used it to boil pipe water and get fucked by someone. I wonder he would use it to cook maggie or mushroom soup in near future. Let's wait and see...
I didnt want to fuck this fella but that night I want to use the boil water to make milo and but then the boil water that came out from the thermos smell like chicken soup. When I opened it I found 2 eggs inside and I dunno how long the eggs has been boiled in the thermos coz ...

He slept already....

P/S:- Rubbish Kong: Please click the video clip below. We got something to say to you...

Video: video(008).3gp
by snting

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