Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hey dude~! Today It's My Birthday

Hey dudes~! 23rd of April 2006 It's my birthday~! Actually I didn't planning to celebrate but last night still managed to go out for dinner with my gf...Just a simple celebration...
I never knew that my "Pig Dog Friends" are buying me a birthday cake until just now when my gf was about to leave and then they took out the cake and sang me a birthday song. The birthday song that they sang were as loud as the whole street can hear. It sounds like there are hundred peoples singing for me. If you dun believe it, you can watch the video clip that I'm going to upload tomorrow.
These are my "Pig Dog Friends" and also my gf celebrating my 27th birthday. Thanks dudes~!
My birthday present from my gf, Lacoste perfume. Thanks dear~!

My Birthday Video Clip with my "Ping Dog Friends"
Video: video(017).3gp
by snting

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