Monday, September 11, 2006

Fu Rong Siew Pow

Last weekend i went to Seremban for work and drop by this bakery shop (forgot the shop's name already) to buy the most famous "Fu Rong Siew Pow".

Nice right? But i found that the siew pow actually shrinked compare to last time.


J-Lim said...

I think this is not the most famous shop for Siew Pao. Should be the other one in Seremban. I can't quite remember the name either though.

Long live Siew Pao! I love it! Long time no eat already. Next time dabao some for me if you happen to drop by Seremban again. Yeah!!!


Sing Ngibk said...

are you ah tiong?

usiong said...

who is ah tiong, i m ah siong

Sing Ngibk said...

usiong:fuck u friend la