Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rubbish Kong's Skype

This is my convesation with Rubbish Kong's gf thru Skype the other day when Rubbish Kong was away for a while.

Initially Rubbish Kong was chatting with Joey.

[12/09/2006 23:55:44] Greg Lee says: soli....maybe the line not so good....
[12/09/2006 23:55:51] Greg Lee says: that's y got cit cit sound
[12/09/2006 23:57:33] Joey says: oic.....
[12/09/2006 23:57:47] Joey says: apply ur own Streamyx la...
[12/09/2006 23:57:54] Joey says: your house so many person
[12/09/2006 23:58:20] Joey says: after divide, just a minor ammount to pay

Then he left for a while and i help him to contineu the coversation.

[00:41:10] Greg Lee says: with that money i can belanja u makan oledi
[00:41:23] Greg Lee says: u like makan seafood??
[00:41:56] Joey says: WHO ARE U?
[00:42:10] Greg Lee says: when i go 2 penang next time i belanja u makan seafood ok??
[00:42:24] Greg Lee says: i am ur honey mar...
[00:43:02] Joey says: i dun have HONEY wor
[00:43:02] Joey says: i dun have HONEY wor
[00:43:21] Joey says: i wana eat LOBSTER in CHEESE
[00:43:28] Greg Lee says: sorry..u r my yeee yee eeh eeh mar..

After that I think she found out that she was talking to the other person and she disconnect the conversation. So Rubbish Kong, Joey said she want to et lobster in cheese when u go to Penang next time. Hahaha...

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