Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleeping with Ghost Movie

Last night, Rubbish Kong was very boring. He decided to watch "Da Vinci Code" that he downloaded from the internet few days ago but after 15 min, he already fall asleep on the sofa. The movie was still on and it was damn motherfucking noisy at 1am in the midnight. So, Ah Meow came out with an idea! He told me that he wanted to change the movie to ghost movie and scare him until he pee in his pant.

So, Ah Meow went to Rubbish Kong's room and took out the "AmityVille Horror". The true story about the haunted house that killed Ronald De Feo's family on November 13, 1974.

Then, I curi-curi put in the dvd into his laptop.

When the movie is "on", I set the maximun volume hoping that he will get frighten and pee when he is awake later.

We locked the door and switch off the light and let him sleep alone in the living room with the ghost movie that going to repeat non stop until he wake up in the next morning.

We really laugh like hell, even until I go to bed. This morning when I woke up, I straight away go to downstair and asked him how's the movie? He told me the "Da Vinci Code" was running non stop for the whole night and he said the movie was pretty good. Mahai~! He dun even know abt which movie he watch last night and of coz he didn't pee as well...

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