Friday, September 15, 2006

Welcome to the world of wireless

As you all know that Tmn Uni Just Got Streamyx Connection recently. We wanna to maximize the usage of the internet. Currently, we have 3 laptops in the house, Rubbish Kong, Ah Meow and Myself.

This is not included Usiong, SengSengSeng and LuaLuaLua's laptop. If they all came to Tmn Uni then we will have 6 laptops online thru the same wireless router at the same time. Somemore got iPod, PSP, handphones. Then, I afraid we might have insufficient extension and the neighbour also might suspect that we are running the bookie actitivities.

This is HP iPAQ hx2100 Series pocket pc. LuaLuaLua just got it few days ago. Since my house got wireless, LuaLuaLua also bought a WLAN-11b/g SDIO WLAN Card to connect his pocket pc to internet.

Seriously, I think we need more extension and table to accomodate the laptops and hot coffee as well.

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