Friday, September 08, 2006

Rat Killing

I was sitting on my crouch watching Astro just now and suddenly Baikoon shouting:” Ma Cibai~! There’s a RAT~!

I quickly wake up and saw this 4 inches long rat hiding at the corner of my living room. I asked him to close all the doors in the living room and meanwhile I go to find "something" to kill him. I need something hard and heavy enuff to kill the rat.

So I got myself a 2.5kg ring that I took out from Ah Meow's dumbell and ready to strike...

The rat was hiding under the crouch. I asked Baikoon to chase him out to the corner so that I can throw my ring and kill it.

But my 1st attempt was really sucks~! I missed it because the rat run away and the ring hit the floor and the mable cracked abit.

I tried my 2nd attempt but damm I still missed it. The rat still managed to run away.

I picked it up and hit it on the 3rd attempt. His back left leg was badly injured, probably broke his stomach because I saw there was something like "shit" leaking out from his body. The tail also broken already.

The worst thing was he's not death yet. He still managed to struggle with the other 3 legs. As he struggle to run away, the blood and shit was dripping out everywhere on the floor. It was damn smelly...

I took it out and it still not death. Finally, I decided to burn it to hell...

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