Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tmn Uni Got Streamyx Connection !!!

After 9 hopeless months of waiting, our Tmn Uni finally got the streamyx connection. Not because of the stupid TM Net called us and informed us that they have port available for us but my greatest gratitude to our friendly neighbor, The Tony’s Family who just got the streamyx connection and allowed us to share the streamyx connection with them.

But to do so we need the wireless router to receive the internet connection. So last Friday Rubbish Kong bought the Prolink Wireless Router to link it to our house. Now I dun have to do my post in the office and Rubbish Kong also dun have to go to cybercafé to do online betting.

Before we have streamyx connection from our neighbor, normally we have to depend on our unknown neighbor who doesn't switch on his wireless router all the time. I dunno whether he knew that we were using his connection or not because he never set WPA on his router.

Anyway, the line has been connected for the past 4 hours, no major disconnection yet...Hope the line goes well...More post to come Dude~!!!


Anonymous said...

seem like you have forgotten who had help you to set up the network....haha :)

Sing Ngibk said...

yeah...not forgotten mr. Chikedy. without him the network cannot be setup...thnks dude...